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November 13, 2006

Its been ages

Hi. its been ages since i wrote my blog...the weather here as got cold now and Winter is well on the way.
I LOVED this picture of an Autumn scene, it is my favourite season, all the reds, yellows oranges ans browns make me feel cozy and warm and get me ready for the cold bleak winter...with only Christmas to look forward to ( I love christmas and can't understand all the folk that don't)..i wish i was American then i would have Thanksgiving as well....i have tried to publish this blog before and i dont know what went wrong, but i'll have another attempt.
The cats don't like winter at all and i have to practically push them out in the mornings..and they are back in again as soon as possible. The little fella (Bailey)is growing big now and loves to beat up on the others, but they seem to know he is young and are quite good natured to him and end up snuggling up to him after they've had a few friendly scraps with him because he will not take no for an answer and is so bold.