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July 19, 2006

Forgot to finish my blog, Laura is the girl in green at the front this was taken a few weeks ago at he girls section of the Bicester division Cadets, she as been going for a while now and loves it...i pray she will be o.k...i no she is young and healthy, but i worry for the kids today...and this is supposed to be a "nice area" of the U.K....i'd hate to live in a bad area...do you have things like this happen in Nevada?
Hope you are all well over there...i haven't been in touch because of all that as been happening, but Laura is a little better today and as stopped been sick.

Really Upsetting Week

What a terrible week it as been...Laura my grandaughter who is 14 as been assaulted again by two 16 year old girls, who were drunk (or on drugs) and took a dislike to her,...this is the second time it as happened to her, but it is happening to others young girls in the area....it happened in the summer last year to her and her friend..both were beaten badly by a gang of girls at that time.
She as been in hospital with head injuries and is on a drip and awaiting another brain scan, she has 2 black eyes and is bruised and has several lumps on her head and legs and was sick most of the night and Adam (her Dad) stayed at the hospital with her...Ness is Distraught, it is a police matter as her injuries are quite bad....the girls held her head under one of their arms and smashed it continually onto metal railings....the only thing they
kept saying was..aren't you a pretty girl. !!
This sort of behaviour is getting out of hand now...and its the girls who are by far the worst offenders...whatis happening to the World.

July 10, 2006

Messed it up again

Forgot to put my writing with my picture...sorry, what an idiot...but ill get there..anyway the cottage is here now.

Another lovely Irish cottage

We have lots of these in parts of England too.

I loved this thatched cottage..there were so many of them in this little town in Ireland...
We have got them in parts of the U.K. too (there are a few not far from where i live).....but they are getting rarer nowadays, to have a house thatched costs thousands of pounds and they need doing every ten years or so. also the art of the thatcher is dying out...i think its mostly passed down from generation to generation in families, and lots of young people aren't interested any more..what a shame as they look so lovely....nowadays folk are just having normal slate roofs replacing the thatch....what a shame, they're now where near as pretty.

July 08, 2006

Sending another pic of Ireland.

Hi here i go again, attempting to send another picture and hopefully writing as well.

This picture is of Dingle bay in the ring of Kerry, it is the county that we stayed in while we were there...it was so lovely..the pictures don't really do it justice....hope this turns out...bear with me if it doesn't....if you can enlarge it the picture will come up with a lot more detail...its a very pretty place...here goes, hope it works !!!!

Managed to do a picture ...at last !!

View from the yard in Ireland.
I have managed to send a picture to my blog at long last..thank you so much Dee...trouble is i didn't manage to send the writing as well.....never mind i am getting there !!...slowly ...this picture is the view from the yard at Toms house, thats Margarets cousin, it is even lovelier in reality... i will send more now that i can do it.

The weather here is so weird at the moment...baking hot, then torrential rain and thunderstorms...which usually clear the air and cool things down a little...but its hotter than ever afterwards at the moment, at least in this part of the country....we need "swamp coolers" i think...i had never heard of those until i read Dees blog, it made me look them up, they are used mostly in desert areas aren't they... they sound really cool.

Kerry i LOVE your picture room, what a clever idea...and i can't believe how lush and green your garden is, i always imagined it to be a bit barren as you are in a desert area, you must work so hard on it...but i bet its lovely to sit outside in it and eat out there...thats what i love most about summer (although ours only last a short time)..eating outside..whats it called Al Fresco ??..or something like that, anyway i love that.

Take Care all of you, Talk soon. Joy

July 02, 2006

chat- a-while-with Joy

Too hot to do anything.

It is just too hot these past few days to do anything, i got up at 4.30 am today as i couldn't sleep and decided to try and clean up my garden & do some much needed weeding and planting, i was going to do it last night, but decided i would just have a lie down for half hour and then do it....Big mistake, i just went into a coma and couldn't bring myself to move after that......trouble was i had brought some plants from the garden centre on Friday and STILL hadn't put them in, so in all this heat the poor things were almost keeled over....i felt so guilty....but i have given them a good soak now and stood them in water and they are rewarding me with straight backs and healthy leaves and flowers again.
I will have to put them in tonight now as it is just too hot to do them this afternoon.

I have got to take Jimmy and some of his friends to Coventry today to see a band called "the Red Hot Chillie Peppers" ...as anyone heard of them ???...i am informed that they are famous, but i must be really old as i have never heard of them...but at least he is getting out now and doesn't seem as withdrawn as he was.... i think this time it may really be over with Polly...but you never can tell, i just wish they would either stay together or make a complete break as the wound is never allowed to heal when she keeps ringing him up all the time and he goes back for a week or two and then its all off again...and each time he is lost for a while......he's 30 now, but its strange when they are hurting they will ALWAYS be "our kids" won't they ?

I loved your picture of the Rose Kerry... i too love roses, was that one in your garden ?..... i especially love the scented ones, but there are not many of them about now, the real old fashioned scented ones that are intoxicating... (nowtheres a big word for a Sunday afternoon) !!!, i have one called " The Mayor of Casterbridge"...and it is wonderful i can smell it right down the garden...Gordon brought it for me the year before he died and it always reminds me of him... i do not know if you can get over there but if you can it is special.
I hope Howard is still doing well after his surgery and i think every day about your brother Mike Kerry... how is he.?

I am going now to have a shower and a cold beer as i am melting again, the heat in this country is so muggy and damp at this time of the year...some countries it is a dry heat and it is still bad but at least your not melting...i love the brightness of the sunshine it always cheers me up...but why does it come with its own damp as an added extra.
Talk soon Joy