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May 20, 2006

chat-a-while-with Joy

Back from Ireland.

Hi got back from Ireland safe and sound had a wonderful time...i love that place so beautiful and peaceful.
The weather was pretty bad though..lots of rain but it was still lovely.

Went up the Connor pass on the mountain road a really wonderful place with spectacular views in good weather, but we hit a lot of really bad rain, we were up in the clouds as they were so low that day... couldn't see a hand in front of us, the fog came down so quickly..very eerie...there was a sheer drop the one side... then up ahead as we got closer we saw lots of car lights...some idiot had only tried to take a huge wagon laden with heavy machinery up the narrow pass and had got completely stuck in between the rocks, it just couldn't move...some of the folk had been there over an hour, and couldn't get a line on their mobiles (cell phones) to get help, it would have been nigh on impossible and really dangerous to reverse all the way back down the pass again (especially with that sheer drop) i was really spooked, in the end decided to do a multi point turn in the narrow road and go back that way, very scary...but afterwards everyone decided to do the same....we would probably still have been up there if not !!!..it put well over an hour onto our journey but at least we were safe.
I do hope i can get the hang of sending pictures onto my blog as i have some lovely ones to show you.

I can't wait to see the ones you took of your Mom & Aunty, i bet they are funny...Kerry you are a wind up !!!

I was so sorry to hear about your Uncle Mike i do hope he is on the way to a complete recovery now, it must have ben great going to San Francisco, but i wish it had been under better circumstances for you....that is one place i would really love to visit, id it a very long way from you ?? i think it must be.

I am off to Vanessa's on Monday for the week as she is on holiday and i am looking after the Dog, Cats and Luke as he as just started a new job and doesn't want the time off yet.

Jimmy is still seperated from Polly, i don't think they will get back together now,..he is very sad and Lost,...but better now than when they were married with children...things have been very stormy with them for a long time now and i was worried, but he is so sad at the moment.

Anyway i will get into my day now i have loads to do...hope to hear from you soon.
Take Care...Love Joy.

May 07, 2006

Well Done Funkey Monkeys

chat-a-while-with Joy
Well done all of you i am so pleased and proud of the Funkey Monkeys !!..coming First !! that is so brilliant..but i never really doubted !!!

I'm so glad you had a brilliant time...but i bet you will sleep for the next 24hours Kerry (i know i would)

It is so great that all that money as been collected too, to help find a cure for M.S....congratulations to everyone who took part in the walk.... where is next years walk going to be held..or do you always have one in Nevada ?.... i would dearly love to be there for next years...who knows.

Jimmy as just walked in so i will say goodbye for now
Well Done again Love Joy

It is very cold and grey here this morning...not at all spring weather, wish i had stayed in bed.
I put some washing on the line in my garden yesterday to save my tumble dryer..but it is even wetter now so i'll probably get it in and tumble it anyway.......oh why am i waffling on about silly mundane things like this when the funkey monkeys came 1st in the M.S.Walk !!!!.... i'll shut up.

I'm going to get some packing done for my holiday, so that should cheer me up then i'll have

May 06, 2006

Thinking of you all today

Hi funkey monkeys.
I am sitting here thinking about you all on your walk today...you must be sick of me saying i wish i was there....but i really do,!!!
I keep wondering if it is too hot, or your legs are hurting or your feeling too tired Kerry??,..i know Nessa gets poorly in the heat..but she still really loves it......then i stop and think of all that it means to you ,and i KNOW you will be enjoying it, i bet the atmosphere is great there with all the family and friends around you...have a wonderful time...with the time distance you may be finished the walk by now....i wasn't sure how long it went on for but i know you will tell me all about it when you have recovered and i can't wait to hear about it and see the pictures...Vanessa said she wishes she could have been there too...she would love that, i don't think they do anything like that in this Country (as far as we know) i think Ness woulkd get to hear if they did.

I have been out in my garden doing some bits today..but then it started to rain and i have had to leave it...that so gets me cross, especially as i was just making headway on it, i only have a small garden but its not easy doing it yourself..i have to sit on the floor to do most things as i can't bend too far with my back (arthritis)..but once it gets wet i can't sit down...so i had a nice cold beer instead....

Anyway i am going to cook myself some dinner now...hope you had a Fabulous day....Love Joy

May 04, 2006

Sunshine at Last

Hi All
It as been a lovely sunny day today...i feel so much better when the sun is out...my troubles seem.... well less troublesome.
Went out with my brother to dinner, a break from work...gotta be good.!!!
The weather forcast for tomorrow is raining and colder...what a pain.
I am going to have my hair highlighted tomorrow, Pam my daughter-in-Law is having hers done too, i really need something done with mine i look like Wurzel Gummedge !!!......do you have him on your t.v. over there in Nevada ?...he is a scarecrow that comes to life and has all sorts of adventures, i'm still a kid at heart...any way my hair is so much like his that we could be related at the moment.
I can't go to Ireland next week looking like this.
I love all your Pictures Kerry and cant wait to see the others..take loads of the walk if you can.

Please take care of yourself, i was so upset when i heard about your legs, try and rest them before you go on the walk...but i know nothing will crush that spirit of yours.
Talk soon Love Joy