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May 17, 2010

A Mosque on the 9/11 site !!!!

I can not believe that they are even thinking of building a Mosque on the site of the 9/11 terrorist attack.!! and planning to start work on the SAME day as it happened!!!!To me that is unthinkable. I am not prejudiced neither am i rascist or against Islam in anyway, but WHY there !!!..New York is a HUGE city, to choose a spot where thousands lost there lives is unbelievable me. What about the relatives of all the innocent people who lost their lives on that terrible day. It is just an insult to them..more importantly who on earth agreed to such a thing? I am sure some Muslims lost loved ones there as well,and i imagine they will feel exactly the same!! Leave that place as it is, where people can go to quietly reflect & remember...To build a Mosque,there is so very insensitive and i imagine would do New York no good whatsoever. It as already caused a lot of upset over here..many saying it is Evil and totally unnecessary. This is not been rascist,everyone knows that it was of course a very small minority of terrorists who attacked the Twin Towers that terrible day, and of course they are not reflective of Islam in general, but surely the very fact that it happened at all is enough to NOT want a Mosque built on the site..Please,Please leave that site as it is..build nothing there, least of all a Mosque..that is too inflammatory. Go ahead and Build a Mosque in New York, it is after all just a place of Worship, but never,never on the site of ground Zero.

May 08, 2010

My Cockerel Clock.

Here is a picture of my Cockerel Clock for Kerry, as i know she likes Chickens etc. I am going to put it up in my shed (once i have renewed its batteries)..then i can see it when i am having a cup of tea up there (or a Glass of Wine)..LoL

April 28, 2010

I've heard of Chicken in the Basket !!!

Bailey seems to love to lie in this basket of Soft toys, he'll sleep here for hours..or until one of the little ones desides they wants to play with them..then he is off like lightening, i dont think he fancies been picked up and wrapped in a blanket, pushed around in a dolls pram, or fed artificial milk from a toy bottle !!

Prevous Post Removed

I removed my prevous Post, thank you to the kind folk who commented, i am going to keep my Doctors appointment next week..but must pull myself together..i am going out in a few minutes will Blog on the day later.

April 25, 2010

My Rooster

This is just a pic of my 'Door Stop Rooster'. Its especially for my friend Kerry, as she loves Chickens, he lives in my shed nowadays so i can look at him when i can having a cup of tea ( i told you i'm geting a batty old bird myself !! )..He is quite heavy and very colorful. The Rain is torrential here again tonight ..and the winds are raging as i am writing, i can hear them above the T.V. even with the double glazing, which i thought was supposed to eliminate noise ??...I am feeling a little better today, but still not well..i really must force myself to go to the Doctors....I'm not one for doing that, i usually self medicate..or sleep it off until i feel better..but this isn't going to go away,..I think it may be my diabetes acting up again, must make an appointment and show my face and hopefully she will be able to help...anyway have a good day tomorrow anyone who reads this.

April 23, 2010

My Special Offer Garden Set

I am so pleased to have got this little garden table set..It was a real bargain, 4 chairs, Round Table with toughened glass centre, and a black unberella..all for £60( the only thing wrong was damage to the BOX!!) everything else was fine...it as got a rattan look to it....I was thrilled at the price. When i went to the local garden centre, similar ones were costing around £300...i love a bargain..so now i can sit outside if the weather is nice....i'm getting to be a real old biddy, the simplest of things make me happy nowadays.

April 19, 2010

My little Black Panther

I hope i'm not in danger of going 'catty batty'..I just wanted to put this picture of Momo (Moses)in his 'cat tent'..all the cats love it except Lady (wouldn't you know) she just walks past it spitting & hissing' at whoever is inside at the time...I'm not quite sure if its at the tent, or the occupants ?..but she will NOT go inside it for love nor money...The others love it, Vanessa brought it for Momo originally, as he used to love the one she got for her cats..but they all share this one. Jacey sleeps in it each night.
Mo resembles a minature Black Panther now he is growing up, his face as a similar shape, his tail is also very long...and his walk is panther like as well..but thats where the similarity ends..Momo is a gentle cat and very friendly.

April 15, 2010

more pics of Simba the Maine Coon

Thought i'd put another couple of pics of Simba on my blog,(Please see the one below)..he really is a very big boy for his age..and already weighs as much as a fully grown normal cat...but he is such a character..and very 'different' looking isn't he..i can see why they called him Simba..its his ears that make me laugh...and his personality, Ness says he is ugly ( that is cruel)..i just think he's different..but lovely...what do you think ??

I just HAD to put this one on !!

I had to put this picture on as i think it is SO funny..this is Simba..he is Adam & Nessa's..youngest cat,he is only 5 months old..but already HUGE. He is a Maine-Coon and they do grow very large..I think they come fom Maine in the U.S. ??..He has so much personality and is very clever..Ness (my daughter) gets a bit cross with him, as i think he has a mind of his own..and does what he wants to do regardless of what he is told..i think Adam had just brushed his teeth in this picture ( he brushes all the cats teeth every day)and they have got eight !!..
I can just imagine trying to clean my Lady's teeth, she would leave home, after she had drew blood, lots of blood !!!!...So would Bailey..not too sure about Momo, but i am taking him to Ness & Adams with me next week..so no doubt we will find out as Adam is bound to try and clean his as well !!!...LOL..The only one who might let me clean her teeth is Jacey as she is pretty good and tolerant.

April 13, 2010

Celandine ??

I found 3 of these little Celandines growing just outside my shed door...i am having it paved this year so i must try & lift them gently and replant them..i think some of the wild flowers are prettier than the cultivated ones, If they are not Celandines, i hope someone tells me..but i think they are. They are so bright & pretty..why did they have to spring up just outside the shed, there are a four clusters of them there.

My TIDY Garden shed

I have given my garden shed a much needed clean up..it was a bit of a mess (what an understatement)..i actually think i will keep this little table and chairs in here, and get a new bigger set for the garden itself..then i can still eat in the garden even if its raining or cold..am i gettting to be a batty old biddy !!..answers on a postcard please !! When anyone comes to visit this little table isn't big enough anyway..I do have a couple of old garden chairs..but i gave my old garden table & chairs set away.
I think all this shed tidying and planning is just another sign of me going Spring Crazy !!!....i NEED sunshine and fresh air !!

Dream Catcher

This is my lovely Dreamcatcher that i bought in Llangollen..I am kicking myself now because i should have brought two (at least)..there were so many to choose from and i didn't want to be carrying them all day.. but i SO wish i had gone back before we came home..you can not buy these anywhere around this area..and i have always loved them. This one will go in my bedroom...well where else would you put a dreamcatcher.

April 11, 2010

Seb & Moses

Moses & Seb were such good friends..they spent ages cuddled up to each other, and Momo would even go into Sebs indoor (and outdoor) cages...I still miss Sebby he was a very huge,very clever rabbit.

Victor and Tinkerbell

I just thought i would put this picture of Victor my daughters Bassett Hound..and Tinkerbell the Cat..they are another unlikely friendship,very good pals..We used to say that because of the identical colour she could have been his baby...with THOSE ears..on second thoughts now way.LOL.


Just testing the close-up function on my camera, not too many flowers out in my garden as yet..i do love the bright yellows and blues when they are in bloom..but there aren't any yet, only a few daffodils that are starting to wither and this lonely little primula. I hope the weather warms up soon, i want to put Oliver rabbit in his outside hutch..i'm sure he will like it more than his indoor cage..Seb used to love his hutch..even when he had the run of the garden,he would keep going in and out having a rest in there..Moses(cat) used to love to share it with him..he loved Moses they were good friends..must put some pics of them on my blog again. Oliver is very timid and seems much more of a loner..but i'm sure he will grow to love his outdoor house..it is bigger and had got 2 levels with a ramp up to the top floor.

April 10, 2010

More Welsh Pics

Two more pics of our day out in Wales..the white houses are the typical houses in this part of the country,very pretty,but quite small..they always look lovely and clean..the package Les is holing is a Dream Catcher that i brought for myself. I have wanted one for a long time..i'll hang it in my bedroom...The other picture was a Sewerage (dirty water) treatment plant in Llangollen..we are looking at it from the top of the Aquaduct..just think all the sewerage from the area goes into this and is then purified and comes out the other end..travels a short distance down the valley..into the river..then a little further down it is scooped up again and is taken to a Clean water treament works..from there it is completely purified and comes back out in huge pipes and is then pumped to all the homes in the area..pure clean water....i hope i'm not waffling here..but i learned all this from a friend of mine who worked in the Industry for 50 years and used to love to talk about it..i suppose its something i would never really give a second thought to...but it does make you think when you look at a simple plant like this one here..that the water/sewage is almost black when it goes in..and totally PURE when filtration is complete...HHHHmmm perhaps its better NOT to think about it...must go and get myself a BOTTLE of water..think i'll give the tap a miss tonught..LoL.

More Wales Pictures.

This is the railway station that was over the river, from the restaurant. It was lovely to watch the steam train come in while we were eating outside..i LOVE steam, even the smell brings back so many happy memories of when i was a child, and Mom used to take me to visit my aunty on the big old steam trains in The Stations in Birmingham...the other picture is Les..looking very windblown..we were up on the Aquaduct and the sign there tells us that it was built by Thomas Telford and was completed in 1805, after 10 years under construction !!..It amazes me how they must have been able to build these Huge structures so many years ago..they hadn't got the machinery we have today..and the Gorge that it runs across is so deep...i had to hold onto the rails as we walked across..i'm really not very good with heights..but i so wanted to see the wonderful scenery below..the Pictures dont do it justice though..it is much better to actually be there..a wonderful day out...more pics tomorrow

April 09, 2010

Day Out in Wales

My friend Leslie, who lives in Germany is over in the U.K. for a few days visiting her Dad & friends. We had a lovely day out in Wales yesterday, went to Llangollen, where she was born, and lived for many years of her life. Leslie wanted to get a new Kayak..as she goes kayaking all over the World and they have a special Sports shop there that sells them, along with all the clothing that you need as well, wet suits etc.
Then we went to the Aquaducts..(will put some pics of those in the next post)..These 2 pics are of the whitewater repids...we had lunch in that old building that runs along the side of them..its a lovely restaurant and there are outside gardens to eat in the warm weather,(although you cant see them from this angle)....It was packed yesterday as it WAS a lovely warm day in Wales..so we had dinner overlooking the river...Leslie as kayaked down these rapids...but she said they are not as strong as some in other parts of the World..on the opposite side of the river was the railway station..it was like stepping back in time, as most of the trains where the old Steam trains..i loved them..we watched those as we ate our meal as well.I came home feeling so much better than i have lately..its amazing what just getting out in the sunshine and fresh air can do...it was colder back home though, even though its less than two hours away, although probably its because it was fairly late when we got back...cant wait to go again when the trees and flowers are out, its even nicer then. At least the rain as stopped now..,am going to hopefully get into the garden today.

April 06, 2010

Some Spring Colour at Last.

Spring at long last !!...i have been whining about how depressing my garden is for the last couple of weeks ( with just a couple of colourful blooms but NO bright yellows, that always say spring to me) :)......I dont know if its a combination of all the rain and then some recent sunshine..but my Forsythia as obliged by giving some much needed bright colour, and i now also have a FEW mini Daffodils and Polyanthus etc showing off their pretty faces (more to come hopefully)..so i feel as if my garden is at last waking up !!...I love it when all the, blues come out along with the yellows.... The Aquilegia's (grannies Bonnets) and Campanula's..and now my Dicentra (bleeding heart) have started poking their little heads through as well..hopefully in the next few weeks my small garden will have awoke from its Winter slumber....Spring is my favourite Season, I like it better than Summer, early Summer is nice, but when it gets too hot and we need to get the hose pipes out, i sometimes find it very tiring...but Spring is a sign of 'New Life' and i always start to feel a little better about things at this time....does that make me fickle ??..i hope not..but i do have to admit to been a bit on the 'grumpy' side when the weather is cold & grey..especially after we have had a long winter that seemed to drag on....The weather forcast for the next week ahead seems very good too...apparently it will be very warm on Thursday & that will herald a brighter season hopefully..cant wait !!

April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to anyone who stumbles upon my blog today..i hope you have a peaceful and happy Day.
And if you love chocolate..i hope you have lots of eggs or chocolate bunnies...but i will remember the real reason we celebrate this day as well.

Its lovely and sunny today..a real spring day at long last...i just hope it lasts, i feel so much better when the sun is shining..My daughter reckons i suffer from that illness S.A.D. (seasonally affected Disorder)..i think i just dislike the cold & rain.

April 01, 2010

My New Family Member.

The cold & rain is back again today...it was lovely to have a little bit of sunshine yesterday, but its the Easter holidays this weekend..and the weather is always bad in the holidays (or so it seems)..
I dont know if its the weather or not but the big old boy who as been hanging around for several weeks as come into the house today..and made himself at home..in Baileys bed !!!.I dont know who owns him (if anyone) as the neighbours say he calls to visit a few of them, but nobody knows where he comes from....he often sleeps in my shed when it's open. He was a little afraid at first..but as gradually grown to trust me..and is really quite sweet now he as come indoors...he is quite grey in the face (although you cant see it on here)..and walks a bit stiff..so i know he is fairly old.... my cats just sniff him and go and lie down...Bailey as opted for the rug in front of the fire....been as he has lost his bed for a while.
I have asked around the village and i dont think he belongs to anyone...i would hate to take in someones beloved pet...but a couple of families have moved out in the past few months, i wonder if they left him behind ..that seems horrible, but it would explain his been around all the time..he is in the garden when i get up in the mornings..so i started to give him some food..but a few other folk feed him as well because they feel sorry for him..i will put an ad in the local shop to say he is here, then i won't feel so bad..but i couldn't stand seeing him outside in all weathers..soaked to the skin...my friend came to visit yesterday..and she told him he had really fell on his feet..sorry Paws..now he was in here..my cats seem fine with him so..i'll have him here until someone either claims him..or he goes off to join his own family again

Dee You are clever !!

Dee i came back today and you have already fixed it..you are an angel..thank you sweetheart..i didn't expect you to do it this quick.... This could be me in the picture..apart from the cigarette !!

March 31, 2010

Great Grandmother Fined £1000 & Tagged for selling a GOLDFISH !!!

This is a copy of a newspaper article that i copied today..because to me it once again PROVES how utterly ridiculous our Judicial system really is..an elderly lady tagged and fined £1000 no less for selling a goldfish !!!!!....and they even planted another young person to go into her Pet shop and purchase a goldfish, to prove the point..then swooped in and arrested her...How ridiculous is this (and how costly)...her son also got a fine and was ordered to do 120 hours of community Service...Crazy.. while certain Paedophiles we are told..must be allowed to walk free UNTIL their present case goes to Court..Then there is Jon Venables, who gets anonimity and countless hundreds of thousands of public money spent on rehoming him & giving him a new identity etc..While this poor lady is now not allowed to babysit her grandchildren or even go to bingo.. because of her criminal record..for selling a FISH..is it the World that as gone mad or just this Stupid, crazy appology for a Judicial system & a Government that allows sush nonsense to take place.

LONDON: A British great grandmother has been slapped with a fine of 1,000 pounds and ordered to wear an electronic tag for trading a goldfish to a teenaged boy.

Council officials caught pet shop owner Joan Higgins, 66, in an undercover sting. Legal proceedings - costing an estimated 20,000 pounds - against her took eight months following which she was fined and slapped with a curfew.

And now Joan is not allowed to babysit her great grandson at his mother's home or go to bingo.

Her son Mark, 47, of Sale, Greater Manchester, was asked to pay a fine of 750 pounds and ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid work.

However, he has criticised the prosecution. "I think it's a farce and legal lunacy and I told the council that. What gets me so cross is that they put my mum on a tag. She's nearly 70, for goodness' sake," the Daily Star quoted Mark, as saying.

He added: "Mum has been running the shop for 28 years and this is the first time that anything like this has ever happened."

Last July the mother and son duo were caught selling goldfish to a 14-year-old boy, who was sent to the shop by Trafford council bosses.

A bill passed in 2005 makes it illegal to sell goldfish to under-16s and offenders can be sent to jail for up to a year.

At a hearing at Trafford Magistrates Joan and Mark pleaded guilty to selling the fish.

March 30, 2010

Feelong SO poorly.

I was feeling a bit off colour when i got up this morning..now i feel TERRIBLE, physically sick and aching all over, with a headache that reminds me of the good ol' days when i suffered huge hangovers !!..if i dont blog tomorrow (or comment) its because i am still in bed...i hate this sort of feeling..this is when i hate living on my own...even the cats know something is wrong they are all around me.i hope its just one of these one day virus's that do the rounds every so often...must STOP moaning & feeling sorry for myself, feed the cats..and then collapse in a heap...LOL..take care anyone who reads this..i hope you dont get it.

March 28, 2010

I'm Really hope im not a Hog !!!

I am using my blog today as both a sounding board, and to give vent to my feelings, that is just one of the reasons i usually write them...I will hopefully not be offending anyone, as that is not my intention EVER....and no names will be mentioned, so hopefully unless the person who commented on a certain blog that i have read recently stumbles across this one, no-one will know where my information comes from......but it will help me just by putting my feelings into words...so here goes,..1st Why do we write blogs ???..well as i said, myself i do it as a sounding board and a sort of Diary of my feelings..this often helps me to get things in perspective (which i hope happens today..when i have got this of my chest..Lol)..and it often enables me to forget an upset or gripe i may have, or sometimes i just want to pay homage to someone or something that as interested me. Whatever, our blogs are personel to us, to a point aren't they ?....now WHY do we have comment boxes ???..i imagine its because we would really like someone to comment in them ??, is that plausable ??...I know I for one take it as a compliment when someone happens to take the time and trouble to comment on my little musings....I am always very pleased when someone takes the time to pass a comment....as it shows they have read my post for the day that they commented,..of course IF the comment is a nice one, it is much better..but everyone is entitled to their opinions, So we do have to take the rough with the smooth.
Comments, for me anyway, are very welcome (unless they are just silly)
During the course of a week..i browse through loads of blogs, it is a thing i enjoy, seeing other folks writings and opinions, i very rarely comment on ANY of them, Maybe i should,... especially after what i have just written here!!!!....but occasionally one may interest me more and i will leave the Odd single comment (I also actually enjoy reading the comments other folk leave on blogs as well, Am i sad ?? maybe,... oh well I'm OLD so its allowed ! )...I also have 3 blogs that i do comment on VERY regularly, these are the blogs of two of my dear friends, and another one that i particularly enjoy. However when passing through some obscure Blogs recently..i noticed a comment from someone, actually classing folk who write comments on a daily basis as quote 'Comment Hogs' I thought how nasty, sad, and judgemental this comment was, to all the other genuine commenters, who do so to show that they actually enjoyed a persons blog and the time and trouble that was put into writing it. I feel sure that MOST blog writers would be only too pleased when someone actually wrote a comment..I know I certainly am...it sort of makes it all worth while somehow, anyway if a person didn't want comments..you can always remove the comment box & then you won't get any !! ... So i have now established that i must a bit of a 'Hog'..oh dear..but not much of one... as i dont comment on many blogs... ever, on only a very small minority once in a while....but i am a HUGE hog when it comes to my favourite ones...does this Count ???.
Well thats it i have sounded off, got my gripe off my chest, and calmed down and am now ready for my day...So.... this 'OLD HOG' is now signing off for another day..aaahhhhhh now i feel SO much better, I think i'll go and make myself a cup of tea...and potter in the garden for a while..have a good day if you happen to read this...and please feel very free to comment..i promise i wont think of you as anything other than normal, and certainly not a hog...have a good Day

March 26, 2010

Rain, Rain & more Rain.

Did i say recently that Spring is on the way ???...Just to prove me wrong it as been raining hard most of the day, and very cold for a few days now...sigh.....i was looking forward to putting some plants in to cheer the place up a bit, until the others come through. I have had a bad few days (i'll blog about later)..so getting into the garden was going to be Therapy for me...oh well, it will have to be the computer for a couple of hours instead.

March 13, 2010

Just a Post Script on my Jon Venables Post

I feel i must add to this post, (see Below)...I have tried to contact Kevin, one of my commenters..but as I expected he was actually 'Anonymous'..so i wish to make it totally clear..that i do NOT and never have, condoned Hatred or Violence in any form...hence my abbohrence at what happened to dear little Jamie..but i do believe in Justice.
I also believe that if, and only IF total rehabilitation, Acceptance,and also Deep Genuine REMORSE for what they have done to a victim, by the perpertrator of a crime is acknowledged, then of course they deserve society to give them another chance... I do believe that some people can change and of course deserve this chance.....but ONLY if the criteria for rehabilitation and acceptance of the crime is met..
There is a time for 'Love' and in these circumstances it is not until Remorse is fully established.!!..This is my Belief..you are entitled to disagree, but my blog is for my thoughts on issues that matter to me.

March 08, 2010

John Venables protected!!.

So British Justice as once again failed not only Diane Fergus (little Jamie Bulgers Mom)..but ALL women (or men for that matter)..with little children in there families. John Venables as struck yet again, just as Diane said he would..although the newspapers are not allowed to print the full details of the case as yet..although we are informed they are in possesion of the full facts..we do know it is related to children and is sexual. They should never have been released , even though they were only 10 at the time, they knew right form wrong, and they tortured that dear little boy (pictured here)..who was crying out for his mommy throughout his terrible ordeal, before they finally left him on the railway lines after the most horrendous abuse on his poor little body..and this man, John Venables who as now committed yet another crime involving children and is YET AGAIN been protected. My own son recently verbally threatened a paedophile who was living in the same house has is grandchildren, HE was sent to Prison for 6 months, just for threatening the man..He didn't hit the man or even carry a weapon of any sort he just used WORDS !!!!..his only crime was anger at the situation and a desire to have the man removed from the same house as his grandchildren...but John Venable HAS commited yet another crime against children and HE is having his identity protected and changed AGAIN..yet he was bragging about what he had done, and had apparently shown no remorse whatsoever...once again WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM !!!..what a Country, what a Government, who are prepared to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money, rehabilitating, (which hasn't worked in this particular case) eventually rehoming, and giving brand new identities to these sort of low lives, so that they will not suffer in anyway...not like the poor little helpless victims who didn't stand a chance... Please see POST SCRIPT Above :-

Thought for the Day

If everyone who uses blogger went anonymous..there would be no blogs to read or comment on !!!LOL !!!

March 05, 2010

Billie Elliot In the West End

I went to Lodon Yesterday to the Victoria Palace Theatre to see Billy Elliot...it was wonderful, both very funny and very sad at the same time...I remembered the bleak days of the Miners strike in the 80's so well..Mrs Thatcher was successful in destroying entire villages and Towns, and ruining the lives of so many hardworking mining families.. but it was to be her downfall. The show was very forthright and honest and pulled no punches, i do believe there were many ex-miners in the audience... The story centered around the son of a Miner 'Billy'..who instead of attending Boxing club..spent his entrance money on attending ballet lessons..reluctantly at first, however his talent was very soon recognised by his ballet teacher and he eventually was able to attend The Royal Ballet School in London.,..the Dancing was wonderful.. set against the backdrop of some very sad scenes with the Miners and Police, it made for a very real but also political stage production...not like any Show i have ever seen before...but very, very good. One man commented as we were all coming out of the Theatre...'How on earth can you top that ? quite honestly, you cant. The show is at present on Broadway...and a tour starts later in the year, but i wonder if it will have the same impact there ??..the Strong Geordie accent will be very difficult for some Americans to understand (unless they tone it down a little)..even i had to listen carefully to parts of it, and i have a Geordie friend, who lived in Durham until a few years ago.. also i'm not sure if they will understand SOME of the humour & language, coming from the miners. The show portrayed a very British working class time in history, although as has been ponted out to me...everyone can understand the situation of a young boy, who had lost his Mother, and who so wanted to break away from his situation and the problems he faced,.. Longing to dance, yet living in an era when money was scarce, especially for mining families, and Ballet was far from the normal occupation expected of a young boy in a mining community. I do hope it is enjoyed over in the U.S...even if the impact is not quite the same, as if you have lived through it...I personally thought the Music from the film..was better than the stage version (by Elton John)..but the stage show was a real success as a play, and i personally enjoyed it even more than the film, ( i have watched that innumerable times).. I was in tears of laughter (literally)..but also was openly shedding a tear at other times...i think a show has to be good to do that...if you have seen it let me know what you think ??

February 28, 2010

Spring is on the way.

It looks as if Spring is on the way...i noticed these in my garden when i had a look around today..All this rain must have helped (at least the flowers like it !)..my single Camelias are quite early..but the Helebores are about right. Nothing else shooting up yet but its good to see a bit of colour. I really must get out there and get rid of all last years debris,stalks etc and do a bit of preparing, but its still so cold..and very boggy.

February 25, 2010

One of my light fittings

Here is a pic of one of my light fittings for Kerry....i fell in love with them several years ago when i was out shopping in another little country Town....i found this wonderful shop , which sold nothing but light fittings and lighting equipment...it was like Alladins cave..some really wonderful things..so unusual and there were hundreds of them ..all brightly lit ( i dread to think what their electricity bill was )..i wish i'd had my camera with me that day...i'll maybe go again one day..if i can find it that is....i do hope you get your crystals done Kerry..its a big job, but will look wonderful when it is done.

February 18, 2010

Its been a while.

Its been a while since i last posted, although i have been reading some of my friends blogs..and a couple that i love to read. I'm house /dog sitting for Jimmy my youngest Son He and Polly have gone to Australia for a month..they have been saving for it for a long time..its a sort of honeymoon, (they have been married nearly 3 years)...Flynn the dog as been a good boy UNTIL yesterday. I took him a long walk over the fields near the house, not realizing his love for water..he went in every bog & puddle he could find..rolled in every cow pat..and the ultimate in naughtiness was when he went over to the river drank the water and then rolled in a dead fish !!!!..i can not describe the smell, i hated having to walk past folk on the way home, as the smell, no Stench, was the worst thing you could imagine..i felt everyone was looking at us, it wafted all around us..so strong if you have never smelt rotten fish, you dont know how lucky you are..IF you have, i neededn't say any more. When i got him home i had to bath him 3 times in the back garden with shampoo and throw warm water over him..(it was too cold to hose him down..although part of me really wanted to !!)...i then rubbed him with an old towel and left him in the conservatory to dry out...he really didn't like that...then to had insalt to injury he got me up 3 times in the night because he wanted to go out...it must have been all the yukky water he drank as hes normally very good at night, so i was up and down the stairs half asleep to let him into the garden..i think i was on auto pilot in the end..what a day and what a night.
He looks so sweet in this pic doesn't he..butter wouldn't melt.??..he has been so good today..can dogs grovel ??..not sure, but he certainly as been very loving and obedient...but we will NOT be going on that particular walk again. Its not been my week at all Jim's Sky broke down so i had no T.V. for 4 days down there, until they could come out to repair it...so I had to come up to my house to watch t.v when i came up to feed the cats...they have got a smaller tv in the bedroom, but my eyes are not too good now i'm older & it hurt my eyes after a while...oh what a moaner i am,,Sorry to anyone who is reading this..but all is well now..T.V. is working, Flynn is smelling sweet as a flower and the sun is shining...am going out tomorrow will take my camera with me and put some pics on here...have a good day any one who reads this.

January 28, 2010

down---to---earth: You, me and the kitchen sink

down---to---earth: You, me and the kitchen sink

I Love this Blog..i imagine lots of folk already read it ?..but for those that dont i recommend it, as it is so interesting and helpful and there is always something new to read about. I was especially moved by the recent Post on 'Caitlins Sink' (click onto link above)showing how a young aid worker in China has had to adapt to living in a county where there is little in the way of 'Mod Cons' and manages to adapt & cook lovely meals with such basic equipment..i will never moan about my kitchen again or any other room.

January 22, 2010

Should i make this another Arch ?

The Big arch was put in several years ago...BUT, i am thinking of making it smaller in order to keep the room warmer in Winter.. is quite a long room(28ft)..i am thinking of reducing it both sides by about 2ft each side ??..and also of making the Kitchen door (pictured) into a small arch instead..but I am not sure if this will make it too cold ??..that door leads into my Kitchen...I figure that by reducing the large arch by around 4ft it would still be warmer, EVEN if i made that doorway into an arch (just the size of the doorway as it stands now)..I think this would Look much better..but would it be colder...no problem in the spring/summer months..just not too sure about the Wintertime ??..anyone got any views...i am so unsure at the moment, but do feel like a change.

January 19, 2010

Black & White

Thought i would just put this on my blog...its not often i get those two sitting still & close to each other for long..One is jet black (Moses) you can hardly see him on the black table, there is not a white hair on him anywhere..The other is pure white (Lady)..not one black hair on her at all. The other two, Bailey & Jacey are upstairs asleep on the bed...they all hate going out when its so cold. All the snow is gone now, we had a heavy rain storm on Saturday that shifted the last of it..BUT..we are apparently due some more tomorrow...cant wait !!!

January 09, 2010

Lots more snow.

We have had lots more snow today....very cold, but SO pretty....It is much deeper in Oxford where Ness lives..they could not get the car off the drive today...i think its because its rear wheel drive....good job they have Lukes Landy to rely on...i haven't been out for days !!! since i had my fall..so scared of having another one, but also going stir crazy staying indoors..and we are forcast another 8-10 days of it at least.

January 07, 2010

I am so Proud of my Grandson

I am so proud of my grandson Luke (pictured here)..because of the bad weather conditions he hasn't been able to work, his bosses couldn't get in to work, so they told the workers not to turn up until the snow eases up...Luke as been driving around lots of the country Lanes near to where he lives and pulling people out of the snow in his Land Rover...he heard on the radio of all the folks that were experiencing difficulties..so went out to look for them and to help..he didn't want payment and just did it because the terrible weather conditions meant a lot of people were stranded...and it was surprising how many there were apparently...I think it is only Land Rovers that are able to cope with some of the extreme conditions they have down South where he lives ? I have only just heard that he as also been delivering food parcels from Age Concern to some of the local old people who can't get out because of the snow...it makes me so proud of him..i do hope thats not wrong, he can be a bit of a 'Jack the Lad'..(well he is only 20,that pic was taken on New years Eve I think) but it goes to show that for all his daftness... he is very mature when it really counts...I love him for it, Bless him.

January 06, 2010

The White Stuff at Last

Well the white stuff is here at last..very pretty to wake up to this morning, this pic of my little garden was taken at around 7.45, (ignore the clock in the picture it needs new batteries) the other one is of the river in Tamworth and is from last year..but nothing much changes around here. Its very cold and we have been told on the news that there is a LOT more snow to come. We have also been told that gas supplies are running low and we are having to buy it in (at vastly increased prices no doubt)from the countries we sold it too last summer !!! ..when we had so much of it apparently. When will they learn, they must know there is a chance of a bad Winter, but then the consumer has to take the extra burden..while the 'fat cats' are laughing all the way to the Bank...surely the Government should step in to do something about this..why do we vote for them if its not to sort out issues like this...unless they too are benefitting in some way ??...Anyway i'm not going to get depressed about things i cant change..i'm just going to stay in and enjoy the view from my windows...time was i would have loved to have gone a walk in the wood when the snow was freshly fallen..its so very pretty then, like a winter wonderland..but since my fall, i am so afraid to even venture outside unless i have to, let alone the wood, thats were i had my fall during the holiday, Jimmy & Polly were with me, thank goodness or i dont know how i would have got back home...These old bones aren't what they once were (lol)...love the snow but roll on spring..so i can walk without fear again, now i am starting to sound like a silly old biddy so i'll just get into my day.

January 04, 2010

2010..Such hopes

Well the New Year is here at last..its very cold and icy...but sadly no snow yet, i dont mind the cold so much if we have the white fluffy stuff as well.
I am so glad that that the old year as gone, for myself it was one of the worst i can ever remember...So i have such hope for this New One, probably because it is only 'Hope' that is keeping me going right now..I must remember the words of Dee (my friend Kerry's daughter) When the going gets tough.."just keep swimming"..well i think its a quote from 'Finding Nemo' really, but its become Dee's slogan & i associate it so much with her...I MUST keeep swimming...swimming,swimming, even when people who dont even know the circumstances OR my family.. choose to read ridiculous articles in a newspaper that is known for printing vastly altered,usually nasty rubbish,that bears little or no resemblance to truth and that is almost always grossly exaggerated....
MOST folk KNOW that's what sells Papers....but SOME especially in a small village like mine, love to spread gossip.....maybe one day Lies will be told about them..only then they will they understand..but in the mean time i have to live in a road where gossip abounds spread by silly old busy bodies, who have never even seen my son, This saddens me so much, especially as folk who know the truth say he should get a Medal for what he did...( well he didn't actually DO anything, just VERBALLY threateneed a Paedophile) Yes,folks who really know the circumstances are so supportive....I thank them all for that, but the ones who know nothing just make it up !!!..I wonder If they will choke on their words when the other side of the coin is hopefully printed, by one of the women he abused when she was just a child ????... IF the Herald as the integrity to print it that is..
However this is not doing my New Years resolution any good...i vowed to not let stupid people get me down and only to listen to truth..i have made a decision not to listen to gossip about anyone again....but lets change the subject.
I loved this picture of Tamworth pigs in the snow, i got it from the net..they are enjoying the snow, so it must have been taken last year...i thought it was a lovely picture.

I'm hoping to go and stay with Ness for a little while in the next week or so...weather permitting of course..its hard getting out in a wheelchair in the snow & it is forcast to be fairly heavy where she lives down south..once it does arrive that is !!!!
I am going to take my Christmas tree down now..another job i hate..then putting it all away in the loft..groan..but i always feel better once its done..its strange isn't it, i dont feel right until its put up..then when the Holiday as passed it seems sad just looking at it starting to droop (i have a real one)..so i will pick myself up start taking the decorations off it and play some music to cheer me up while i do it.
This Post looks a little bit disjointed reading it back (a bit like me)..but i won't change it..hopefully my next one will be better.
Happy New Year to anyone who happens to read it, I hope 2010 is happy and peaceful for us all.