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December 15, 2007

More Garden Centre pictures

Here's another 2 pictures of one of the garden centres near Tamworth..they dont look as good in a small picture..when you actually see them the lights are so pretty & bright..and some of them have room settings with fireplaces etc..they look very festive..the one on the left shows my friend Margaret standing in one of the displays.

December 13, 2007

Garden Centre

Here's a picture of one of the garden Centres in Tamworth. We have 5 in & around the area..they weren't quite as good this year as previous years..but it was still lovely to see the lights and baubles..I have more pics if you want to see them...(but don't want to bore anyone)..I love them but you can't see them properly in a small picture like this as some of the detail is missing...I will put more on if you want me too ??..had a lovely day with 3 friends.. had lunch in one of the centres..we visited 4 of them..will maybe do the other one next week.. have seen it already but forgot to take my camera.

My Tree looks Drunk !!

Is it me, or does my Christmas tree look lop-sided ??..mind you i did have a couple of glasses of Baileys while i was putting it up !!
The cats have ingnored it now the 'newness' as wore of...except Bailey who likes to sleep underneath it, but he loves sleeping under a tree in the garden.. he thinks its put up just for him the way he struts up to it and gets himself comfotable.
I am off to the garden Centre in a minute..i'll take my camera & hopefully get a few pictures..then Monday i am going to Birmingham so i will hopefully take some pitures of the lights in the city...but they look much better at night when they are lit-up..i'm not sure if we will be back before it gets dark enough...we will see.

December 12, 2007

Laura without the make.

This is Laura my grandaughter as she is day to day...she was all done up on the previous one, with make-up & a new hair do...I think she looks a lot older on the other one..a bit too old i think !! This is how she looks unless she is going out somewhere...I dont want her to grow up too soon..but i suppose all grandma's feel like that with their grandchildren dont they ??
She is getting tall though she is nearly 5ft 7in (in bare feet)..so she towers above me, especially when she as high heels on...but Nessa is quite tall as well.
I put my tree up last night..and i am going to finish decorating it today, so i will put a picture on my blog when it is all done...the cats fight over who will sleep underneath it...last night 3 of them were cuddled up underneath there...
I am going to the garden Centre tomorrow..must remember to take my camera there as well.

December 09, 2007

Now I really feel old !!

This is Laura my grandaughter...I often call her my little darlin, as she as always been so sweet & thoughtful...but now so grown up too !!
It is a bit of a shock when you realize that your daughters 'baby' is now a woman. I have never seen her done up for a function before..it quite took me by surprise when i saw her...obviously to me she as always been gorgeous..but she when she is 'done up' she looks about 20 instead of her sweet 16 years...not too sure if i am happy about that !!!...but she is a very sensible girl as well, so i know she will be fine.
I am going to take my camera out next week to the shops & garden centres in the area..and then put some of those pics onto my Blog..Iwould have done it before but with Vanessa here i didn't get time..we were out each day visiting and shopping...i do miss her now she as gone home...but i'll see her again before Christmas, and we are going to spend the holiday together.

October 31, 2007

Is it any wonder i cant loose weight ?

Here is a picture of my huge Birthday cake (it looks much smaller here than it actually was ) I shared it with waiters at the restaurant,friends and everyone who came to visit me that week..but still had loads left for myself...i can't resist nice cake & this was delicious...I just can not have any in the house or i get too tempted.
I WILL start this diet again this week.
Dee i have just realized i had put this picture on the wrong blog originally ..i put it on the 'losing it' blog..what a dummy..could you remove it for meplease ??..you know how useless i am with these things...i think my Birthday cake is the LAST thing anyone will want to see who is trying to loose weight...i;m SO sorry....any way the cake as long since been eaten, but i have only just got around to putting the pictures into my folder to use.

October 28, 2007

Just want to say Hi

Just thought i would say hi...i have left a note on the 'Losing it' blog...won't discuss that now as its too depressing!!..here's a picture of my little Birthday meal..there were only a few of us, (10) as i didn't want a big fuss..the friend (Noreen) on my left as you look at it is 73 years old !! hope i look like that when i am her age Jim, Polly & Ness are opposite me, Jenny & Yazmin are the other side, and Margaret, Dave, & Colin are out of the Picture.. It was a good night we had a lovely Indian meal, the restaurant was a new one and very nice..i had a lovely Birthday cake, I will put that on my next blog...but thats a sore point , it was a HUGE cake and really delicious..any way that was a month ago now but i have only just got around to sorting out the pictures....It was great having Ness up as always..i hate it when she goes home though...but i'd never tell her...talk later.

October 14, 2007

Elas and her dogs

Hi....I just wanted to put a picture of my friend Elsa and her 2 dogs onto here...this picture was taken when she came up last year, at the local water park in Kingsbury...the male dog (the one at the back) has since died of a liver desease, he was a lovely little fella...named Jacob. To Elsa they are her children, she was up here in Tamworth for 2 weeks but went back home yesterday morning...I am off to Vanessa's today for a few days as it is her Birthday on Tuesday, i'm really looking forward to seeing them all down in there in Oxford.

I hope everyone is ok, i have had a bit of trouble with my E-mails, but i think it is all sorted out now...i will take some pictures while i am at Vanesssa's & put them on here when i get back...I must NOT forget my camera (i usually do) i will put it in my bag now so ithat remember...talk later

October 07, 2007

Two More Pictures

Heres 2 more pictures of places that i visit..the one i think will interest Kerry & Dee.it is an old derelict farmhouse that is believed to be haunted..i'll go in to it in the day time..but i'm not to sure at night..i'll have to wait until Kerry & Dee come over..I wish !!!
The other Picture is part of the flower gardens and shops at Matlock..the gardens are lovely in summer and early autumn..there ia a very old clock there as well...i will send that next..some of the shops here are quite old as well..and there are some nice little cafe's..its nice to spend a relaxing afternoon there as rhe scenery around is very pretty too.

A day out at Chester

Hello Everyone...I have managed to get onto my blog again...there must have been a fault when i last tried and so i just gave up, what a quitter !!!! and I haven't tried since until today...I was going to ask Dee to help me, but i thought to myself ..No, i'll just give it a quick try first...and it worked !!!..i should have tried before..i'm so pathetic,...still it will save Dee a job.
This is a town called Chester that i enjoy visiting sometimes ..it has a lot of very old buildings and shops...its lovely to visit at Christmas time..i will send some more pictures of it then..i have so many pictures that i have taken lately....will put some more on....hope you dont get fed-up with them

August 24, 2007

The Happy Couple

Just thought i would put a pic of the happy couple onto my blog..these were taken 3 weeks after the actual wedding because the weather was so terrible on the day..it poured of rain and everyone had to run for cover ... the only photographs that could be taken were all inside.
They wanted some taken outside the church so we had to wait for the sunshine after they got back from honeymoon, it did show itself eventually and i think it was nice for Polly to put her dress on again...i will put some more pictures on soon...hopefully.

August 22, 2007

Forgot this yesterday

Forgot to put this picture on yesterday..it was at the estuary in Wales, the tide was out as you can see...my camera broke so i was only able to take 2 photo's..have had it repaired now (got sand in it i think)..so i'll take some more next time i go down.

August 21, 2007

Going to Start this Diet

It as been ages since i wrote my blog..so many things have happened, the bad ones i am going to put behind me now, and concentrate on positive things.

I am going to start this diet group with Kerry & Dee..I have high hopes of becoming fitter and thinner by Christmas...i'm not big on willpower..but with support i'm sure i'll do it..because i seriuosly want and need to for my healths sake.

I have had a lovely holiday in Wales, it really helped and i have recently joined the local 'Ladies Only' gym...its called "Gymophobics"...the name says it all, its for ladies of any age or fitness, who find normal gymnasiums very daunting..the machines are all designed to cover any range from total beginner (Me) to much fitter energetic ladies (which i hope to become...eventually)..you progress at your own pace and are monitored regularly... I am going to stick to it, dieting is not much good without excercise, so they say.

March 28, 2007

A Very Sad Time.

Hello friends.

It as been several days since i came onto my computer so i haven't done my blog...one of my close friends Eve has died and it as upset me so much..and made me feel low, she had been ill but it was still a shock...It makes me realize, life should be enjoyed.... We should do the things we love, with the people we love, and make the most of every day...we had some lovely hoildays and fun together i have lots of happy memories.
The weather as been lovely again today..went to Fradley Junction (where 2 canals meet) and watched the colourful canalboats chugging past with all the flower pots and baskets hanging on them full of spring blooms..and the lovely smells of wood burning fires that they use, mixed with bacon & eggs and spring blossom..it did make me feel better..I love springtime best of all the seasons...This picture is of Fradley, but it's off the Internet, it wasn't taken today..next time i go i will take my camera, it is such an interesting place at this time of the year.

March 23, 2007

Off to Vanessa's for the weekend

Hello all, i am off to Vanessa's for a few days..will write when i get back, must take some pictures (when i have found my camera) It as got really cold here again just like winter, Ness had snow this morning. All the magnolia trees have got brown patches on the blooms where the frost as damaged them and a lot of the spring bulbs are looking really sad...i hope they come up again ok next year.

March 21, 2007

Bailey is back now

Bailey is back from the vets now..he created havoc in there when they opened the vets cage to transfer him into his own..to use the nurses terminology.."He made his escape bid and legged it around the surgery and over the counter..so don't worry about him getting over the anesthetic, he is just fine".....thats my boy!!
As you can see i got my pictures wrong THIS one belonged to the earlier blog..and that one of Bailey belongs to this one..but i'm getting there, its been ages since i used it..be patient with me.

Just Another Little Blog

Well i've taken Bailey to the vet and left him there..i feel TERRIBLE !! i won't rest until he is home again...to take my mind of it all i am doing another quick Blog..then going out with my friend Margaret, the Vet as my mobile number so i will just have to wait for him to ring. I was looking through my pictures a few minutes ago and saw this one of my Son Jimmy when he was in the Grand Canyon 2 years ago,..i thought how wonderful it must have been to be in a place so remote and awesome as that..i would love to go, ..but not too sure if i could stand like that, so to near the edge..good job i was not with him i would have had a fit..seeing him doing that, but it really is an awesomw place, Jim said he will go again as it was special.....SILLY ME, wrong picture this is Bailey sorry, its early days i will get used to this again...bear with me. !!

Dee you did it !!

Hello thanks to wonderful Dee i can use my blog again..you are a clever girl Dee, just like your Mom.
I am so excited i have so much to say, but i have to take my youngest cat (Bailey)to the vets this morning early..to have "the snip", i do hope he doesn't hate me for it.
I will "blog" later when i get him home again.
I know its daft but i feel like one of my kids is going into hospital..crazy woman i'm getting.