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February 08, 2009

Forgot to mention...We have our own breed of pig.

We have our own breed of pig in Tamworth..they are quite well known (among pig breeders only i think)..they are called 'Tamworth Reds'..this little fella looks cute...much too cute to eat !! The other Pics are of Tamworth Castle and The Sir Robert peel pub in the town..let me see some of yours..i love looking at pics.

A few pics of Tamworth

Just thought i would put a few pics of Tamworth onto my blog..i have so many, its always nice to see where friends live..cant wait to see your pics of the new house Kerry

February 06, 2009

Family Dinner

I have decided to have all the family up to dinner..at different times because there are too many & i haven't the room (or the energy!!!) to have them all together....this is Simons wife Pam, her daughter Stacey & Charlie, (Stacey's boyfriend), & me... Simon is talking to Joe out of picture..will get them on another picture..the other kids are back at home, i will take them out to eat another day..I just wanted Pam & Sim to have a bit of a break..she works so hard.

February 05, 2009

Just another Pic of Ellie...she is a Pumpkin in this one (i think)..she loves to dress up...its a shame they have to grow up..they are so funny when they are little..Bless em

Snow in Tamworth & Staffordshire

Snow as hit Britain....but we can't seem to cope with it like the rest of the World does, traffic grinds to a halt, Schools close (kids love that) and bussiness's are often shut....funny thing is i dont remember life coming to a standstill like this when i was a kid !!....dont remember having much time off school because of it,...but i do have fond memories of great snowball fights (sometimes even the teachers joined in) .. lots of fun on the way to & from school, and been allowed to stay in at play times IF we wanted to..most of us didn't..we went out by choice and enjoyed the snow..things have changed....but its still so pretty..these are a few pics of Staffordshire in the snow...I think lots of countries have much worse conditions than we do..or is that my imagination...how do you cope..Please let me know.

February 03, 2009

Long 'Jim' Silver

Sorry forgot to put on the one of Jim as long Jim Silver...haven't quite got the hang of this have i ???...its because its been so long since i wrote on my blog....By the way We are covered in a blanket of Snow here...it came down so heavy..but looks really pretty..will take some pics of that tomorrow.

Sorry got mixed up..put 2 on of Laura ( dont know how to remove them!!..i'm so stupid) anyway heres some more..The Dog is Flynn, he's a lovely boy (Jims Dog)..Polly, Stacey & Charlie, Kieran Sim & baby Amie,..Luke & Emily.

A few more of my Family

Jim was ok about his picture been shown..he just laughed..so i have put some more on (well you said you liked to see my family)..there is one of Jim dressed as Long 'Jim'Silver for a fancy dress party, another one of him 'Posing' on a yatch on his Holiday..One of Kirsty, one of Luke & Emily & one of Laura (Luke & Laura are Vanessa's Kids) Emily is Lukes Girlfriend..Kirsty is one of Simons girls..i will put some more on soon...hope you dont get fed up....i love seeing friends Photo's as well..makes me feel closer and helps me know more about you.

A few Family Photo's

I was surprised....Jim was ok about the pics been shown, so i have put some more onto my blog...(you said you wanted to see my family)...i dont want to bore you though..Ness is going to send me some up of her holiday when Adam as put them on the computer..The ones here today are Jimmy(in Canada)..and also dressed up as long Jim Silver, for a fancy dress party, Luke & Emily, Kirst And Laura ( they are 3 of my grandchildren)..i can put more on if you want to see them ??...