I'm a 63year old Mom & Grandmother who wanted a blog of everyday things for everyday people. Please feel free to comment...the sensible opinions of others are always welcome...I also have 2 more blogs, One more serious, and my blog for cat lovers (4cats for cats)

August 25, 2006

Feeling fed up today.

Hi I have got this to work at long last. I think it must have been a fault or something the past few days.
Glad you are feeling better Dee, will write to Kerry tomorrow (an E-mail) as there are a few things i do not want to put onto my blog in case it is read by certain people.
Here is a picture of Bailey and J.C....he is a little nutter at times and just jumps on her all the time....she looks a bit angry with him in this one...but he just goes back for more all the time, she will take so much then pin him down and lick his ears and clean him, they are funny to watch....none of the other cats will have anything to do with him and just spit at him....i must shut up or i will become boring, talking about my cats all the time...(i think im getting like an old Biddy) How is your craft work coming along, i will have to go onto both of your blogs and see if you have put any pictures there (Kerry & Dee)....i think maybe Dee will be back with you by now ???...i do not know if you will get this after all as a box as come up saying "it couldn't connect to Blogger.com" so it may fail !!!! i thought it was o.k. after all but maybe not......talk soon hope you get this. Joy

August 20, 2006

What a dope I am.

I am such an idiot i have put the wrong picture with my last letter...that was Lady NOT Bailey.
Here is one of Bailey (alias Malibu)

I have changed my Kittens name

Well at last i have decided to change my kittens name...it isn't Malibu any longer (i called him that after the drink..which i love with Ice and Pineapple)
He is now called Bailey (after the drink "Baileys Irish Cream" which i also love with loads of ice !!)....i'm not an alcoholic ...honestly !!!, but if i am going to have a drink in the summer, those are the two that i would choose...and i think the name Bailey really suits the little fellow. , He is into everything now and eats like there is no tomorrow, he was hanging from the top of my dressing gown on the back of the bedroom door this morning and he as so much enengy, Lady the albino is still very shy of coming downstairs, even though i leave all the doors open for her, she will only come down if i am here with her.
She is here with me at the moment sitting on the window shelf looking outside..she is a good little cat and very loving.. i do hope she starts to stay downstairs with the other cats soon...i have put another picture of her here (i hope)
Kerry you are getting so good at your craft things...the little pig was so clever i loved him(or her) i used to collect pigs, i had so many of them and if i visit any of the local farms i have to see the pigs...there is something about them that is so sweet...they always look so sad...Tamworth is world famous for a rare breed of pig called the "Tamworth Red"..have you heard of them ??

I am going to take my camera and get some pictures of the thatched cottages in the villages around here and also the thatched public house (the English name for a bar were you can buy alcohol)... i just want a nice sunny day, we have had a lot of rain the last few days....all the sunshine and clammy heat, seem so far away now and we seem back to "normal" English weather again...Talk soon...get well soon Dee.

August 17, 2006

Forgot to show you the" Baby"

I forgot to show you the baby is name is Malibu at the moment, but the grandkids are going to give him a permanent name. He is about 7 weeks old, and still a bit nervous...he keeps hiding behind things..he went behind the washing machine on Monday when i 1st had him, and i was so worried as i couldn't get him out until my son came....but he was o.k., he seems to get a little bit more relaxed each day and is getting playful.

Hello At Last

Hi At last, its been ages since i last wrote, but the family problems seem to be sorting themselves out at last..so i can have another go....iv'e already made 2 mistakes, i think ihave forgotten what's what..but i'll keep trying..i think its old age, i seem to forget everything lately.
I love my 2 new kitties, i was only going to have the one (the baby)..but im a sucker for a sob story and when i heard the poot albino was to go in a cats home if she couldn't be homed quickly, i decided i had to have her...i am so glad i did, she is adorable, her poor owner couldn't take her to the flat she was moving into, and didn't want her to be put in a home,..but at least she can come and see he now that i have her...she is so loving and sleeps on my bed at night...her name is Lady she is almost 3 years old...i am going to try and put a picture of her on my blog..i only said TRY !!!