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May 11, 2008

Dancing In The Streets.

I went to see Dancing in the streets yesterday with Vanessa, Adam & one of my friends Margaret.

It was fantastic...the Motown 60's & 70's music and talented artists soon had everyone singing along with them (even the younger folk there.)..the voices were supurb and they must have really studied the singers movements, the costumes were exact copies of the originals...it really cheered us all up......a little bit of nostalgia.

Margaret lost her husband 6months ago & as naturally been very low..it was good to see her singing along with the music and laughing again.

Vanessa was dancing away in her wheelchair and had a wonderful time also...we all did.

Thank you Lynn, it was a lovely birthday present for me..and a great anniversary present for Ness & Adam....I felt about 20 again..but only for a couple of hours !!!!