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August 10, 2008

My Little Garden

I Thought i would put these pics onto my blog..as my little garden is looking quite colourful this year..I think its all the rain, combined with the heat that as done the trick...My postage stamp garden is just enough for me to manage nowadays..but I do like to look out onto all the flowers on a sunny morning ( not that we get too many of those)..its been a very wet summer this year !!..I will take some more of my front garden and put those on next time...would love to see other folks gardens too.

July 25, 2008

Went to see Mama Mia.

At long last i am able to comment on my blog...Life as just been crazy recently..I went to see Mama Mia (The Movie) Yesterday..i didn't really want to go, but i am so glad i did....it was a real 'Feel Good ' movie, and genuinely funny..i am so glad i decided not to be a grouch and went to see it...I love Abba songs anyway, they always cheer me up..Meryl Streep was a better singer than i had been led to believe..(but we all have our opinions)...Pierce Brosnin really couldn't sing..but with his looks he doesn't need to !!..they say the stage play of it was brilliant..this as made me want to see that if i ever get the chance...If you are feeling fed up..then go and see this Movie,( i'm going to get the DVD when it comes out.)..I'm going to a B.B.Q tomorrow at my friends Jean & Alan..Joe is going to, it will do him good, then i think we are going to another one on Sunday at Jimmy's (hopefully)..I love Summer for barbies alone..just hope the good weather holds.

July 05, 2008

Back from my Hols.

I'm back from my holiday in Portugal...lovely place, but it was so very hot..even the Portugese where complaining about the heat...i only went out in the morning and evenings..all afternoon i stayed in with the 'air-con' on full !! the villa was lovely
Here is a picture of it..thats Laura standing by the gate, it had its own pool outside, will post some more pics later.
The beaches were great too..lovely white sand and clear sea.
We found it very expensive for a lot of things..Ness (who as been several times) said it used to be so much cheaper ...dont know if that is because it is becoming more popular..or because of a world recession..but many things were cheaper back home...still it was lovely to have a holiday & all be together..really miss that villa and all the space we had inside it, it was bigger than it looked in the picture..thats only half of it.

May 11, 2008

Dancing In The Streets.

I went to see Dancing in the streets yesterday with Vanessa, Adam & one of my friends Margaret.

It was fantastic...the Motown 60's & 70's music and talented artists soon had everyone singing along with them (even the younger folk there.)..the voices were supurb and they must have really studied the singers movements, the costumes were exact copies of the originals...it really cheered us all up......a little bit of nostalgia.

Margaret lost her husband 6months ago & as naturally been very low..it was good to see her singing along with the music and laughing again.

Vanessa was dancing away in her wheelchair and had a wonderful time also...we all did.

Thank you Lynn, it was a lovely birthday present for me..and a great anniversary present for Ness & Adam....I felt about 20 again..but only for a couple of hours !!!!

April 12, 2008

Snow in April

This was the sight that i woke up to last Sunday...it made my messy garden look really pretty for a few hours...Bailey looks surprised by it all, he hasn't seen snow before...it only lasted a few hours then it was gone, but it came down again later in the night.
I noticed that parts of the U.S. had it bad as well...its seemed strange waking up to Winter weather in what is normally a lovely spring month......However spring as 'sprung' again now and all is back to normal (over here anyway)
I have had some much needed work done to my garden and its looking a lot better...i just can't do it myself like i used to, but i always feel better when i look out and it's at least tidy (its only small so i have no real excuse)...I must go to the garden centres and get some plants and bulbs in the week.

March 28, 2008

Week in Wales

Had a lovely week in Wales with my friend Margaret, she has a caravan there..on a lovely peaceful site.

We visited a few seaside towns while we were there as well.

The weather was a bit cold, but it was good to get away and relax, good food and company and lovely scenery....it made me feel so much better....the picture on the right is Aberdovey near the sea front..there are some lovely beaches in that part of Wales.

February 06, 2008

I Am Legend

I went to see this film when i was at Vanessa's..really enjoyed it, but i know a lot of folk who didn't...i suppose we all have different taste..I love Will Smith anyway..so any film that he is in, is good for me...I really Loved the dog, the only part that really made me sad was when he died. Most of the folk i was with that night were upset at that, Ness said..the fact that most of mankind as been wiped out doesn't upset you..but when the dog gets it...you all break down..she's got a point. ..but i think the fact that mankind as already gone when the film starts makes it easier..we actually see the dog go..but as my daughter tells me..its only a film....That dog so reminded me of my Rocky, he was my best friend for 12 years and so very clever...maybe thats why i love the film as well.
I am so looking forward to spring ..today was the first sunshine we have had in days..it made me feel much better..i think i may suffer from that thing called 'SAD' (Seasonaly Affected Disorder) or something like that..as i always feel the pits in Winter...I'm going to Birmingham tomorrow for a bit of retail therapy..will Post more when i get back.