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October 30, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Forgot to go to the Doctors again..slept through my alarm...if i didn't laugh i would cry..what is happening to me ???..My memory is so worrying...but i will make a later appointment next time..then i will hopefully remember..after leaving myself a note on my bedside table, another pinned to my front door and a message on my Computer for when i switch on !!!!

October 28, 2009

Removed my grey day post..it was too depressing.

I have decided to remove my grey day post....it was just me sounding off and i am sorry...but thank you to my kind friends who commented on it..dont know why i get these really low days..there are so many folk MUCH worse off than me..

October 24, 2009

Saturday Pics

Saturday is family visiting day..i have had Simon, Pam and baby Jack here today with Sims friend Ian, ( Ian as given me a great new c.d.. player for the car, as he had a new car & it had one already fitted...(.so he took this one out when he exchanged it)...i Love it, its much better than my old casette machine...Then Jim & Polly and also my friend Jackie...all came today..but it helps with the boredom.
 I'd get a bit fed up on these long grey winter days if i didn't have visitors..Just look at Jacks feet...they look massive !!!!..but i think its just the way the picture as been taken with his feet at the front near the camera...LOL

October 23, 2009

Scottish Highland Cattle.

Here are a Few pics of Highland Cattle..i wonder if these are the ones you have seen over in Idaho ??..i love them, when i go to Scotland we see lots of them they are lovely animals...i love their long hair...its even longer in winter time to keep them warm in those Scottish Highland winters.

Pot Cat

Lady as a really comfy bed in the house,and  a warm radiator to sleep under..yet she is SO hard to get indoors in the day time..all the other cats hate been outside now its getting colder and go mad to come back in...not her !!!...she does come in at night..eventually, ( probably only because she is hungry & i won't feed her outside )..but she would rather sleep in this flowerpoot during the daytime..she looks at me as if i am going mad when i try to coax her inside.

October 20, 2009

My New Great Grandson Jack.

Here is the latest edition to the family..Jack my new Great- Grandson.  Mom Stacey & Dad Charlie, are so proud of him..he weighed 7lb 15 oz..so he is quite a big boy....i am going to see him tonight.

Bailey & Ollie

Poor Bailey and Moses cant understand why Ollie will not play like Seb did, i think Bailey just got fed up of trying to get Oliie's attention and fell asleep.
I do hope Ollie gets used to them as they are both used to rabbits & wouldn't hurt them..Seb used to chase them all around the room, then they would all fall asleep..Moses is worst because i think Seb was his Best friend and he used to sleep in his hutch & his cage if he had the chance..

October 15, 2009

Few More Black Country Museum Pics

A few more pics of the museum..you could go into all the Shops & houses and they were all traditionally furnished as the homes of the poor would have been about 100 years ago...the last time we were there..many of the houses were supposedly inhabited by traditionally dressed folk..and they chatted to you as if they were actually living in those times....NOT in 2009

Black Country Museum (part 1)

Here are just a few of the pics of The Black Country Museum..it is such a fantastic place..like stepping back in time..this one is a little nearer to me than Blist Hill, and i just love it...you can go into all the houses & buildings and people are in there and they dress authentically & talk to you as if they are actually living in the time era....We had such a laugh when we were last there in August, some folk who worked there re-enacted a street argument between 2 women..it was so very funny,their husbands dragged them back indoors,...after that  when you went into the various houses on the street, the folk who were supposed to be living there..were talking about it, and taking sides or saying how disgusting the women were etc..it was just like been part of a film set...and so very Funny and cleverly done, it really was a fantastic day out..we all Loved it,...but we always do...fantastic place, the Old Fish & Chip Shop still cooks on old equipment as was used 100 years ago,and uses the same ingredients..you can buy the fish & chips and they are wonderful ONLY problem was the prices were NOT as they were in the old days LOL, also you could Drink real old ale in the Pub that is there, just like it was in my grandma's day ....loads more pics to..(.but i dont want to bore you, as i could go on about this for ages)...i think if you click onto some of the  pictures they will enlarge and you will be able to see it better.

October 14, 2009

Day out at Blist Hill Museum (at long last !!)

I keep forgetting to post some of my pictures of  Blist Hill Museum..i spent a day there in early August...It is a great place, just like stepping back in time about 100 years or more..All the buildings are original and have been moved brick by brick into their new home on the site...all the goods in the shops are as they were at the turn of the centuary or earlier& the staff all wear authentic costumes. I also love the Black Country museum and will post some of those pictures later ( they are both similar) but Blist hill seems to have a lot more shops & business's, but the buildings are just as they were..The Black country as more homes, a working mine & shows how life was for the poor at that time... I found both so interesting..i love history and i remember my grans house & furniture etc been very similar when i was a kid.....i could visit these places every week and not get fed up..so could Simon (my oldest son)..we have got  special tickets that enables us to go as many times as we likes in a year..its only about an hour or so away from Tamworth in the car..but it is a brilliant day out..even the grandkids enjoy it...Things are so very different now..it does them good to see how different things are today..life is so much easier..especially for the poor..only the wealthy could live comfortably in those days at the turn of the century...the last picture just fascinates me..it shows some lovely old brickwork and arches places like this were often built around the local towns.

October 13, 2009

The Rabbit Nobody Wanted..until now.

This is the latest member of the family..i have named him Oliver (or Ollie) because i had just been to book up for the stage musical 'Oliver'...we go on trips  arranged by the local Garden Centre, ..so i decided to have a look around while i was there...I saw lots of little bunnies selling @ £30 each, females in one pen, males in another....then there was this little fellow in another  pen the only rabbit with lots of guinea pigs and he was only £10.....i asked an assistant why he was on his own and not with the other bunnies, and why he was so much cheaper....Its because no -one wants him she said, he as been here over 6 months, so he as been put in with the guinea pigs for a few months, hoping that someone will notice him more, but still no-one as brought him....i was SO upset..NO BODY WANTS HIM...how sad is that, i think maybe its because of his colour, (all the others were cute little whites, and multi coloured ones, & he was much bigger because he had been there so long)...Also she said if he is not sold by the end of October they are taking him to a pet shop.....a PET shop, is that just another name for something more nasty ??..any way my friend Marg who was with me told the assistant..thats it..Joy will have him now,..she was right i couldn't bear to think no one wanted the dear little thing...Seb my lovely old rabbit died recently, so i already have an indoor cage for cold weather, a lovely big outdoor hutch for summer..and lots of food and toys..so it made sense i suppose, I was going to get one eventually...but had decided to wait until next spring as i still miss Seb....i brought the little chap home and here he is....he is very quiet and i think his little personality as got to develop....but he is so sweet & i love him already...how could no-one have wanted him, the poor little mite.

Last Word on my Door !

I showed Jimmy, (the brainy logical one in the family..where did i get him from) ?? the recent pics of my 'spooky'door...i was really quite interested what he would have to say..because it was the weirdest thing to me & lots of others who i have shown the pics to.
He just shook his head as if i was some demented, sad, eccentric old biddy..

It does LOOK unusual he said..quote...'but those doors are treated when they are made.. because they are external and need protection from the elements...usually they are treated panel by panel..that one must simply have had too much or not enough treatrment and it made it look odd compared to the others.....only a camera flash would pick up the flaws !!..try taking it from a different angle mom.....and you will see how silly you have been....so i DID..and here is the result.....mystery solved, but i must confess i think i may be just a little disappointed...it was a talking point before and didn't do amy harm...well it wouldn't i suppose, been as it was just a badly treated door panel..LoL.

October 12, 2009

The Last Flowers & Shrubs of Autumn 2009

Its getting so very cold now, i do not think we will see these flowers for very much longer this year.
I was looking at a few blogs yesterday and it was lovely to see some of the flowers folk had put on their blogs to share with others,...So i thought i would do the same, there is still some colour in my little garden as you can see...but so much of it as died off now, these are a few of my 'hangers on'.
I do love all the rich colours of this time of year, i must take my camera out and try and catch some of the Autumnal trees &Shrubs in the area. It looks as if i need to treat some of my roses, as a couple of them seem to have some sort of disease.. I dont want that to come back next year. I have been  remembering the times when i spent most my spare time in the garden....it gets sadly overlooked now...I really must make more effort....(arthritis & tiredness permitting)..i took these pictures 35 minutes ago.... and it is completely dark out there now..night fall comes so quickly in late Autumn over here.

October 09, 2009

What on earth is that in my door panel ??

I have just looked at my blog, and i can not believe what i saw..in the middle door panel on the left....that is so weird !!!...it is just a normal wooden door no glass, and i dont think it would reflect camera light...especially as that looks as if it is just in one panel...Has anyone hot any ideas what on earth that could be ???...its a bit Spooky...i have been out and there is nothing on the door at all,...it is just plain wood..how strange.

My VERY scruffy side passage.

Here are 2 pics of my very scruffy 'passage' it is ajoining my house next to the kitchen..but i do not as yet class it as part of the house (even though it as been there for over 20 years)..as it as got no electric sockets so i can not put a fridge or washing machine there as yet ( but i may get round to it one day LoL)..after 20 years mmmm!!!..it as got lighting and is very handy for storing things etc..also a door leads from it into my garage at the one end..so that is useful,.. as the garage is where i do keep my fridge, freezer & tumble drier...i did start to paint it a while ago as you can see...but my back got so bad i had to leave it...i will have to try & finish it off now the weather is getting cooler...It was summer when i did that little bit of painting and it got so HOT in there i thought i would pass out...i think it is that perspex roof that does that...as it gets so hot in Summer..but very cold in winter....seeing Kerry doing so much to hers as made me feel a bit guilty...and it really would look a bit better with a lick of paint & a bit of a facelift.....like me !!.LOL....i am a bit ashamed to put these pics on..but they will maybe give me the incentive to paint it and tidy it up....about time i think.