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March 29, 2009

1st little bit of colour in the garden.

It is the first official day of British Summertime today..its sunny but still very cold....I have had the first few colours of spring come up in the garden recently....but, they still look a bit 'sad' can't wait for the warmer weather when all the flowers show their heads and everything is green or colourful.
I had a letter from the Hospital (where i had my recent x-ray) in the post yesterday.
The Consultant Radiologist visited our Tamworth Hospital last week ( the local hospital is small, with only basic staff etc) a Consultant from the main Hospital in Birmingham visits every week or so to check on things...Apparently when he viewed my X-rays he said i have a fracture in my shoulder/arm...so i have to go back on Monday to see him..i thought it was too painful to be only a hairline crack....i think as we get older our bones are not as strong as they once were.....anyway at least he will sort it out for me, i am glad he was there.

March 21, 2009

Ouch !!!

Just a short blog today...as i have had nasty fall on Wednesday at the garden centre ....I have cracked & bruised my shoulder and can't use it, (I hit the tail gate of a parked lorry as i went down.)...also bruised the palm of my hand near my thumb (when i tried to save myself), I am just thankful it wasn't my head or it would have been worse... ( or it may have been no sense no feeling !!!lol) my arm is in a sling at the minute and as its my right arm its making it difficult to do anything...so i'm just going to be lazy for a few days!!...typing one handed (left ) is not something i am good at....but i'll be back soon.

March 18, 2009

Just For You Kerry

When i was in Ireland 2 years ago there was not only a Street named after you..but a whole COUNTY...and a very lovely one, lakes, hills and wonderful scenery (County Kerry)

What do you think of this..its a genuine building !!!

I thought you girls would have a laugh at this..i have been here..it is a strange feeling when you walk in..ONLY in ENGLAND !!!..wemust be nuts !!!..below is the write up that is on the web page for it
On the edge of the Himley Estate lies the The Glynne Arms (more popularly known as the Crooked House or The Siden House). It is a house that has suffered badly from mining subsidence. It lies on what was the divide between Sir Stephen Glynne's land and that of the Earl of Dudley.
Glynne removed too much of the coal that lies underneath with the obvious result. As the result of an optical illusion, without even taking a drink, beer bottles can really be seen to roll up the table!!!!..go & see for yourself !!.
Some years ago, the pub was shifting and sinking but buttressing prevented further damage but left it tilted some 15 degrees out of true. Doors, floors and windows all sit at odd angles to one another, causing patrons difficulty upon entering the pub and walking to the bar.
The sloping floor creates an eerie illusory sensation, making drinkers feel drunk after only a pint or two...but it is still used & visited by customers from all over the country.

March 16, 2009

Just had to put this one in girls !!

I had to put this one in as there are so many things in it of interest to you girls (i think)...its the drawing room of the Castle & it shows lots of items that have been used down the centuries by people who have lived in & around the area...Tamworth Castle is open to the public most days in spring/summer..(occasionally other times) and the grounds are always open and no charge is made to stroll around (at least there wasn't last time i went there)..i would love for you to see it one day.

A Few More Pics.

Just a few more pics, as you like to see them...I have to say that Tamworth as got its own share of shabby, even unsightly views..I only show you the nice ones !!!..but it as got lots of history for folk who enjoy it....it's really just a Market town..all the pics i have shown you have been within a few miles of the Town centre...The one is an outside entrance up to the Castle, it contains a very old herringbone wall, which is believed to date back to the 1180's..but its not really visible in the picture as its not big enough to see it properly. The next picture is the back of the Old St Georges church tower, this is in my village (Glascote) its view is obscured by some of the local gardens so its not a very good picture...The last one is the Town Hall in the centre of town, taken at night when it is lit up...in fairness it does look much better at night than in daylight. Some of the little surrounding villages are very pretty also ..i will get my camera out & take some shots of those for you..IF you get fed up please tell me...as i dont want to be a bore... dont forget to send me some of yours too, i love to see them.....thank you all so much for your comments.

March 15, 2009

And yet More !!!

Just a few more then i am finishing for tonight. The Top one is Tamworth Castle by night ( they say its haunted !!)...the next one is The lake at Belgrave a few minutes away..the other one is Autumn on the Canal in Glascote..were i love to walk sometimes.

More pictures of Tamworth

I do hope you don't get fed up of these..but you said you wanted to see them girls..The top left one is Polesworth abbey taken from the river,...its a very old building in a lovely setting. ..The old building above is in Middleton Hall and parts of it date back to the 1300 century..The last one is the bandstand in Tamworth town, taken when the flowers were in bloom last summer..they do sometimes have bands playing in there and its nice to sit and have a picnic or ice cream on a warm summers day.

Some more pics of Tamworth.

This is a view looking from underneath the arch in Glascote, that leads up to the road where i live, must confess i do like Tamworth as it as so much history, some of it dates back to the 1300's.
I think Kerry & Dee would like it because of all the old buildings and interesting architecture and things that it has to offer..but most young folk can't wait to get away...but it takes all sorts i suppose

March 14, 2009

I have just Cut & pasted your meme Dee !!

Hi Dee..I have just cut & pasted your Meme, all 75 questions i have removed your answers and saved just the questions...When i have eventually completed my answers (by about about 2065 !!) i will send them to you..boy some of those questions need a lot of thought !!..i may put them on my blog....IF not i will e-mail them to you.

Two Posts in one day !!!

Two posts in one day..these 2 are for Kerry & Dee as i know they like to see pictures of were i live (as i do of where they live)..the one picture is from a post card of the old part of Tamworth..we have a new part with all the modern shops and buildings..but i love older things..the bridge is over the canal near Hopwas..where i love to go for walks,,its even nicer in Spring/Summer when the trees are all green and the flowers are growing..there are usually a lovely display of bluebells, and celandines in the wood in spring time..will post more later.

Mama Mia..was Wonderful.

Got Back from the theatre late last night. Mam Mia was wonderful it was on in Londons West End at the Prince of Wales Theatre...it was one of those sort of shows that even if you went in feeling depressed you would come out happy !!..on the way out i even heard a man comment on it been the best show he had ever seen....I was surprised how many men where there, as i always thought it was more of a womens show ( i hope that doesn't sound sort of sexist, its not meant to !!)..the theatre was packed not an empty seat in the house and it as been running now for several years twice a day..I Loved the film & though nothing could top it..but the stage show was brilliant..it is a real 'feel good' show...and if you enjoy 'Abba' songs you will be singing away all through it...at the end everyone in the audience where standing up singing, dancing and clapping to the music.
To think i wasn't going to go because i had already seen the film, so thought there was no point in seein the stage show...i am SO GLAD i was persuaded to change my mind.

March 12, 2009

Tamworth Glascote Lock.

This is the Lock in the village where i live (Glascote ) It was such a lovely mild day today so i decided to take a walk down there..its always so peaceful...you can walk miles along the canal and see some lovely scenery...and spring flowers are starting to open up everywhere..i always feel happier in Spring.
I am looking forward to seeing Mama Mia (Stage version) in London tomorrow & will post on it when i get back.

March 07, 2009

Its better to read the words as you listen to it..the last part is better than the first inmy opinion..tell me what you think...I love it.

I'm Mom Video

March 05, 2009

Loved this little video..so funny

Hi all..i Just love this little video..Judy one of my penfriends sent it to me...by the time i had listened to it 3 times i was almost crying (with laughter)..she sounds like i used to..and i remeber my Mom saying the same things to me MANY years ago..hope you enjoy it..dont know who the lady is who's singing..but she is so funny..the words are on the screen so you can read them.