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October 25, 2012


Hi to anyone who may pop by...but i doubt there will be many as its been over a year since i did my blog..so many problems. I'm hopefully back now. Im using a laptop at the moment,and these old fingers of mine are finding it difficult. My main computer, my faithful old friend, as been out of action for most of that time,and although it as been given a new lease of life a few weeks ago..its still having a rough time trying to get going properly...so hence until its 100% sorted out..ill just have to try doing my blog with this contraption..the keys are so close together, and my old hands are getting clumsy, i keep hitting two together and spend most of the time correcting my mistakes...you'll soon get used to it, is what i've been told for the past several months !! I will get into doing my blog again as i have missed it, IF anyone gets to read this,please drop me a quick comment please,that will make me feel as if its all worthwhile. My wrist is sore and my fingers are going stiff so ill stop for now...but im going to read some of the blogs of my old friends now..that's something else i've missed these past months.