I'm a 63year old Mom & Grandmother who wanted a blog of everyday things for everyday people. Please feel free to comment...the sensible opinions of others are always welcome...I also have 2 more blogs, One more serious, and my blog for cat lovers (4cats for cats)

April 30, 2006

Its a Bank Holiday This Weekend

Hi Friends
Its been a whole weeek since i felt up to writing my blog, just one thing after another.... but i hope things are going to get better now.

It's so upsetting when family are been hurt (or doing the hurting) and weve had our share of both this past week or two..... i know you understand when i say if any of my family suffer i do to.

Its a Bank holiday this weekend, so no-one goes to work tomorrow (except my poor son Simon) and the kids have a day off from School, if the weather is good i may take some of them out for the day.... we have had some nice weather on & off, but its not been too good today.

Vanessa came up and stayed for 2 days that was lovely, but she as gone back now and they have taken my little buddy Victor back with them, i'll miss him (most of the time) but he can be a nuisance if you want to go out somewhere that dogs can't go... or shopping...he howls and barks and the neighbours moan about him, but i take the Van usually and he does come most places with me....i'll have him again when i get back from my holiday in Ireland...i'm going on the 13th....really will have to take some photographs of that it is a lovely place.

I am looking forward to seeing all your pics ...cant wait for them, and really hope you manage to do that disc.
You Funky Monkeys are doing so well....i'm proud to be one of you (wish i could do the walk with you all... but the pics of that will help me feel that i'm there with you all.)

Have you seen the latest series of "Lost" yet...i'm hooked on it, the new series starts here on Tuesday (22 episodes apparently)...but no one here seems to know for certain if this is going to be the last series or if there is another one...any ideas ??..we have already seen 22 hour long episodes in the first series...do you know if there is a series 3 or not ??......will get withdraweral sympoms when it is finished for good.

I have also been watching another American series that is very good "Invasion"...that seems to be a very long running one too...anyone seen that and know how it ends ?

I am going to do a bit of housework now...but its good to be back, talk soon...bye for now Joy

April 23, 2006

So Fed Up Today.

Yesterday was so good, today i feel so low...family troubles, i have tried to sweep them under the carpet as i didn't want to talk about them because they just upset me so much..... but you can only bury your head for so long i suppose, and then things happen that just make you face them,(like last night),... its such a long story and complicated, but i will go mad if i don't talk about it....will send you an E-mail Kerry, i would really like to know what you think, ( you can share with Dee if you want to), 2 different age groups opinions will perhaps help, life is so complicated, but the last thing i want to do is be depressing, especially to you as i know you have your own problems and need to keep cheerful, Ness is so upset and angry too,...but i'm really trying to find something positive in it all.
Anyway i hope things are good over there and your feeling better.

April 22, 2006

Been to Birmingham Today

Hi !
I have been to Birmingham today with my friend...the old part of the Town centre...... with all the outdoor markets and the "rag market"...where you can buy so many "crafty" things and materials at a quarter of the price you pay anywhere else.
It brought so back so many memories of when i was a teenager.....how i used to love the Hustle and bustle and all the colors.

It was just the same today...like stepping back in time,...there was a sort of Jamaican band playing...very loud and happy, all the colorfull stalls ...and the smells ohh heaven...just like been transported back in a time machine, wonderful.
You would have loved it Kerry... i thought of you.
I brought all sorts of useless junk , some jewellery and a model of the Cutty Sark for Simon that would have cost me at least 3 times as much in the High street,..(he'll love it ) some material for making quilts and little bits and pieces for making Lavender bags, some support tights for my aching but (at the time) happy legs.......then had some hot chocolate, and a hot Cornish pasty, that we ate walking around.....and dare i say it a Hot Jam doughnut...bliss ...i was 16 again.... but then i had to come home !!!!

My legs are not so happy now..really need those tights, but it was lovely to go after such a long time...and i know i must go again soon..it really cheered me up.
I am going down to Simon & Pams now, to give him his Ship,...hope everyone over in Nevada is well and had a good day too.

April 21, 2006

I Love my New style Blog (designs by Dee)

Hi There.
So happy with my new Blog...thanks Dee your brilliant.

Had a bad day with my arthritis today, but managed to take Victor a walk
I am going out to tea (dinner)...i think Tea is a very "English" expression and its quite stupid really because its probably something we don't even drink at that time of night... but we are a crazy nation with our speech anyway.
Its like our teens they seem to have a language all of their own...not sure If Teens in the U.S. have the same..??.for instance "Bad" and "Wicked"..both mean something is good...if its "Real Bad" its very good...the "badder "it is the better...do you get the picture...it took me ages, my grandkids had to write it all down for me...!!
Then they have names for the different types of dress they wear, and if you wear certain things you only "hang out" with kids who dress the same..your either a Chav, a grebo, a goth, a Townie a rusty or a choice of about 20 others...i'd hate to be a teenager nowadays...in my Day you were either a "mod" or a "Rocker"... now i'm really showing my age.

At least i know what i am now (so they tell me)..i'm an "oldie"...yes i can live with that, nice and simple...and at least i know what i can wear...anything i flipping well like...i'd hate to be a teenager again, i'd never remember what i was from one day to the next..is it just ours that are crazy or are they the Same in the States i wonder ??

April 18, 2006

Booked the toning beds today !!!

Hi there Kerry & Dee
Its me again..really enjoying this...but still cant send pic's....think i may
need some help if this carries on,..... thanks for your offer Dee.

Its still really cold here for spring although we did have a warm day Sunday...its dry at least, Victor gets me out, thats why i brought him back with me when i came back from Nessa's...as i badly need some exercise.

Pam my daughter -in- Law as just booked us both in to go on the toning beds tomorrow....not sure if you call them something different over there ?....they are like beds that you use to do exercises on, they are electric and you just lie there and they do all the hard work for you (apparently)..but the effect is supposed to be the same....you still use all the different muscles that you dont always use....i'll let you know more about those tomorrow...but IF they work they are my sort of workout !!!.i

I also have my next lot of tests coming up at the Doctors on Thursday so i must completely stop eating chocolate of any sort.......its so hard been a "diabetic chocoholic"... i was only borderline the last time i was tested and i have tried so hard to cut right back,... but sometimes i fail...i still comfort eat and chocies (now how do you spell that ??) are what i reach for first if i am feeling Low.
This time she is testing me for other things as well because of some of the symptoms i am showing, but i really hope my sugar is no worse because to totally give up chocolate would be an unbearable fate......what a drama Queen,...but true non the less !!

I am off now to take Victor a little walk, i think my arthritis feels a bit better since i have taken him for these short walks but it could just be that the rain and damp seem to have gone for the time been...talk later.

April 17, 2006

2nd one today...wow

I am writing again on this blog...maybe because its a new experience,but i need the practice.
Dee i have just been reading some of yours that you wrote last week (while i was visiting Vanessa)...i noticed on one of them dated 11th May, that you offereds to set peoples blogs up for them....oh i wish i had read that before i started to try & do my own..... i am getting there, but i dont know how to do all those desins and things that make yours and your moms so interesting....and i dont think i'll ever be able to send pictures....i have been trying on and off all day.....i keep making mistakes, i can send pics o.k. in E-mails etc,... but i don't know what i do wrong on here....guess i'm an old girl and things take longer to sink in !!!
i'll keep trying.
I had to smile when i read about your families sleep walking experiences, Vanessa used to sleep talk and walk when she was younger, but i really had to keep my eyes on her as she actually left the house one night and was walking down the Road, at that time we lived on a fairly busy road and i am so glad i saw her walking past the window in her mickey mouse nightie...but i found out a few things too as she got older, that she may not have told me if she had been awake, but we have many a laugh over those things now.
Anyway i am going now...to try yet again to send some pictures....i wish i had some one to show me how to do these things..take care Dee & dear Kerry...and night night to you both..love from Joy

Think i'm getting the hang of this

Its been a good day today, i went to a local water park with Victor and Kirsty one of my grandkids, had a good time but Victor decided to bark at every one in a baseball cap....he didnt scare anyone though, all that slobber and gums had no effect whatsoever on anybody,they just laughed at him... he was very dejected on the way home.....i wish i could send pictures then you'd see why,....but one step at a time, i'll get there one day.
I hope you get to read this, then i'll know i've done it right,...thanks for your comments today and for your help,...i am going to enjoy this when i've learned how to do it, and its good to keep in touch,bye for now Kerry and Dee.

April 16, 2006

This is my first try at writing a Blog

Hi anyone who's there

Be real patient with me as this is my very first Blog.....i so want to be able to do this but i'm a bit nervous.
I'm a 57 year old Mom and grandmother and i live in Tamworth in England, i became interested in this through my friend Kerry in Nevada, i enjoyed reading her and her daughter Dee's blogs so much i decided to give it a go myself......just a bit self consious ( is that spelt right ?) at the moment but i'm sure ill get used to it eventually....who knows i may even become witty and cheer folk up like they do...lets not get carried away.
Its Easter Sunday here and i'm off to my sons for dinner in a bout half hour or so, must take my daughters dog for a walk first....but its so cold outside it will just be a short one i think.
he's a Bassett hound, and as the longest ears ever, one of my friends who had never heard of them or seem one before actually thought he was deformed !!!! this is true.. but hes lovely and gets me out of the house.
I am going now, and i hope i can get used to this and keep it up, i'm sure ill get the hang of it eventually, but be patient with me...bye for now.Joy