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January 28, 2010

down---to---earth: You, me and the kitchen sink

down---to---earth: You, me and the kitchen sink

I Love this Blog..i imagine lots of folk already read it ?..but for those that dont i recommend it, as it is so interesting and helpful and there is always something new to read about. I was especially moved by the recent Post on 'Caitlins Sink' (click onto link above)showing how a young aid worker in China has had to adapt to living in a county where there is little in the way of 'Mod Cons' and manages to adapt & cook lovely meals with such basic equipment..i will never moan about my kitchen again or any other room.

January 22, 2010

Should i make this another Arch ?

The Big arch was put in several years ago...BUT, i am thinking of making it smaller in order to keep the room warmer in Winter.. is quite a long room(28ft)..i am thinking of reducing it both sides by about 2ft each side ??..and also of making the Kitchen door (pictured) into a small arch instead..but I am not sure if this will make it too cold ??..that door leads into my Kitchen...I figure that by reducing the large arch by around 4ft it would still be warmer, EVEN if i made that doorway into an arch (just the size of the doorway as it stands now)..I think this would Look much better..but would it be colder...no problem in the spring/summer months..just not too sure about the Wintertime ??..anyone got any views...i am so unsure at the moment, but do feel like a change.

January 19, 2010

Black & White

Thought i would just put this on my blog...its not often i get those two sitting still & close to each other for long..One is jet black (Moses) you can hardly see him on the black table, there is not a white hair on him anywhere..The other is pure white (Lady)..not one black hair on her at all. The other two, Bailey & Jacey are upstairs asleep on the bed...they all hate going out when its so cold. All the snow is gone now, we had a heavy rain storm on Saturday that shifted the last of it..BUT..we are apparently due some more tomorrow...cant wait !!!

January 09, 2010

Lots more snow.

We have had lots more snow today....very cold, but SO pretty....It is much deeper in Oxford where Ness lives..they could not get the car off the drive today...i think its because its rear wheel drive....good job they have Lukes Landy to rely on...i haven't been out for days !!! since i had my fall..so scared of having another one, but also going stir crazy staying indoors..and we are forcast another 8-10 days of it at least.

January 07, 2010

I am so Proud of my Grandson

I am so proud of my grandson Luke (pictured here)..because of the bad weather conditions he hasn't been able to work, his bosses couldn't get in to work, so they told the workers not to turn up until the snow eases up...Luke as been driving around lots of the country Lanes near to where he lives and pulling people out of the snow in his Land Rover...he heard on the radio of all the folks that were experiencing difficulties..so went out to look for them and to help..he didn't want payment and just did it because the terrible weather conditions meant a lot of people were stranded...and it was surprising how many there were apparently...I think it is only Land Rovers that are able to cope with some of the extreme conditions they have down South where he lives ? I have only just heard that he as also been delivering food parcels from Age Concern to some of the local old people who can't get out because of the snow...it makes me so proud of him..i do hope thats not wrong, he can be a bit of a 'Jack the Lad'..(well he is only 20,that pic was taken on New years Eve I think) but it goes to show that for all his daftness... he is very mature when it really counts...I love him for it, Bless him.

January 06, 2010

The White Stuff at Last

Well the white stuff is here at last..very pretty to wake up to this morning, this pic of my little garden was taken at around 7.45, (ignore the clock in the picture it needs new batteries) the other one is of the river in Tamworth and is from last year..but nothing much changes around here. Its very cold and we have been told on the news that there is a LOT more snow to come. We have also been told that gas supplies are running low and we are having to buy it in (at vastly increased prices no doubt)from the countries we sold it too last summer !!! ..when we had so much of it apparently. When will they learn, they must know there is a chance of a bad Winter, but then the consumer has to take the extra burden..while the 'fat cats' are laughing all the way to the Bank...surely the Government should step in to do something about this..why do we vote for them if its not to sort out issues like this...unless they too are benefitting in some way ??...Anyway i'm not going to get depressed about things i cant change..i'm just going to stay in and enjoy the view from my windows...time was i would have loved to have gone a walk in the wood when the snow was freshly fallen..its so very pretty then, like a winter wonderland..but since my fall, i am so afraid to even venture outside unless i have to, let alone the wood, thats were i had my fall during the holiday, Jimmy & Polly were with me, thank goodness or i dont know how i would have got back home...These old bones aren't what they once were (lol)...love the snow but roll on spring..so i can walk without fear again, now i am starting to sound like a silly old biddy so i'll just get into my day.

January 04, 2010

2010..Such hopes

Well the New Year is here at last..its very cold and icy...but sadly no snow yet, i dont mind the cold so much if we have the white fluffy stuff as well.
I am so glad that that the old year as gone, for myself it was one of the worst i can ever remember...So i have such hope for this New One, probably because it is only 'Hope' that is keeping me going right now..I must remember the words of Dee (my friend Kerry's daughter) When the going gets tough.."just keep swimming"..well i think its a quote from 'Finding Nemo' really, but its become Dee's slogan & i associate it so much with her...I MUST keeep swimming...swimming,swimming, even when people who dont even know the circumstances OR my family.. choose to read ridiculous articles in a newspaper that is known for printing vastly altered,usually nasty rubbish,that bears little or no resemblance to truth and that is almost always grossly exaggerated....
MOST folk KNOW that's what sells Papers....but SOME especially in a small village like mine, love to spread gossip.....maybe one day Lies will be told about them..only then they will they understand..but in the mean time i have to live in a road where gossip abounds spread by silly old busy bodies, who have never even seen my son, This saddens me so much, especially as folk who know the truth say he should get a Medal for what he did...( well he didn't actually DO anything, just VERBALLY threateneed a Paedophile) Yes,folks who really know the circumstances are so supportive....I thank them all for that, but the ones who know nothing just make it up !!!..I wonder If they will choke on their words when the other side of the coin is hopefully printed, by one of the women he abused when she was just a child ????... IF the Herald as the integrity to print it that is..
However this is not doing my New Years resolution any good...i vowed to not let stupid people get me down and only to listen to truth..i have made a decision not to listen to gossip about anyone again....but lets change the subject.
I loved this picture of Tamworth pigs in the snow, i got it from the net..they are enjoying the snow, so it must have been taken last year...i thought it was a lovely picture.

I'm hoping to go and stay with Ness for a little while in the next week or so...weather permitting of course..its hard getting out in a wheelchair in the snow & it is forcast to be fairly heavy where she lives down south..once it does arrive that is !!!!
I am going to take my Christmas tree down now..another job i hate..then putting it all away in the loft..groan..but i always feel better once its done..its strange isn't it, i dont feel right until its put up..then when the Holiday as passed it seems sad just looking at it starting to droop (i have a real one)..so i will pick myself up start taking the decorations off it and play some music to cheer me up while i do it.
This Post looks a little bit disjointed reading it back (a bit like me)..but i won't change it..hopefully my next one will be better.
Happy New Year to anyone who happens to read it, I hope 2010 is happy and peaceful for us all.