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October 18, 2006

At Vanessa's for a couple of days.

I'm down in Bicester for a couple of days visiting my family, its always good to see Vanessa & Co....Adam is away in Holland for a few days working.
I am so MAD i forgot my camera, as there are some lovely thatched cottages around here also...must bring it next time.
I will be going back tonight or tomorrow as i have quite a lot to do.
There is a lot of controversy raging in the country at tha moment concerning the Muslim women wearing the veils that completely shield their faces, one of out M.P.'s spoke out against them saying they caused division (especially in areas were there was a lot of Muslims living in the community)....because in this country we like to look at people when we are talking to them....to see expressions etc.
The Muslims have as usual taken deep offence at this (it really doesn't take much in most cases ) and some are using it as an excuse to encite yet more violence...how sad and something really does need to be done.
I suppose there is a lot we do not understand about tIslam, but sadly many people rightly or wrongly associate the wearing of the full viel as extremeism, ...and it is the extremists who are usually the terorists.... so i think peoples fears are understandable....especially as we are not allowed to even carry a Bible in their country, let alone build mosques and have our prayer call ringing out in the cities every worship day !!!
I have never beeen a rascist and wish we could all get on together...but when in Rome !!!...they should make an effort to intigrate into our society more and i think then they would be accepted far more readily.
This is a heavy subject...Sorry, its just that it is in danger of getting out of hand over here now and many people believe something as to be done about it ...and soon.
It is a worry asto how it will all end........enough of that, i just wondered what other people thought and if the same problem was encountered in other parts of the world ???........think ill goback to talking about Cottages, kids and animals etc as its easier and not so upsetting.
The weather here is still surprisingly warm for the time of year,...wonder what sort of winter we are in for ??
Hope everyone is well, will write again soon...Joy

October 12, 2006

More Thatched Cottages

Here's another cottage i thought you would like....i think they look so warm and cozy.They cost a fortune to buy though..and the thatched roofs need replacing or at least re-pairing every 10 tears or so, and that is very costly as well.
When i go to Ireland i will send you some more from there (this one is local)...i am so looking forward to going again, only a couple of weeks now and i am off.
I am so worried about all my cats though....Jimmy will look after them each day or one of my friends, but i still worry about leaving them....hope the weather stays good its lovely here again at the moment, really warm for the time of year.

October 10, 2006

Such good friends.... At Last

At long last i have managed to do my Blog.!!its been ages.

My two latest arrivals (Lady & Bailey) are at long last the best of friends....but it seemed to take ages, lots of spitting, hissing & fur flying...but they have become inseperable now and sleep together each night.
J.C. and Smokey (my 2 older cats) are fine with them too...but because these 2 were both fairly new together i thought i would despair of them ever getting along, i used to worry when i left them and had to seperate them whenever i went out,...i think there was alot of uncertainty and jealousy..but they even share the same food bowl now...aren't animals funny and so very changeable !!!..but i love them.
Will send some more pics of cottages next time i have been out with my camera again.