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December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Hi There everyone.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas...i spent it with family, that was lovely, went to Vanessa and Adam's on Christmas day with my brother Dave Jimmy and Polly and Jims Dad.. stayed at their house and we all came up on Boxing day picked up my brothers girlfriend and spent the day with Simon Pam and family..so we were all together..really missed Mom, she loved Christmas.

Its new years Eve now..Goodbye 2006...Hello 2007.
I am debating what to do and where to go...its so cold and is blowing a gale outside so bed sounds a good place !!...what a moaner, no i will go and visit family and spend the night with them and see the New Year in.
Happy New year to everyone, i look forward to hearing from you.
I will try to do my blogs regularly in 2007

November 13, 2006

Its been ages

Hi. its been ages since i wrote my blog...the weather here as got cold now and Winter is well on the way.
I LOVED this picture of an Autumn scene, it is my favourite season, all the reds, yellows oranges ans browns make me feel cozy and warm and get me ready for the cold bleak winter...with only Christmas to look forward to ( I love christmas and can't understand all the folk that don't)..i wish i was American then i would have Thanksgiving as well....i have tried to publish this blog before and i dont know what went wrong, but i'll have another attempt.
The cats don't like winter at all and i have to practically push them out in the mornings..and they are back in again as soon as possible. The little fella (Bailey)is growing big now and loves to beat up on the others, but they seem to know he is young and are quite good natured to him and end up snuggling up to him after they've had a few friendly scraps with him because he will not take no for an answer and is so bold.

October 18, 2006

At Vanessa's for a couple of days.

I'm down in Bicester for a couple of days visiting my family, its always good to see Vanessa & Co....Adam is away in Holland for a few days working.
I am so MAD i forgot my camera, as there are some lovely thatched cottages around here also...must bring it next time.
I will be going back tonight or tomorrow as i have quite a lot to do.
There is a lot of controversy raging in the country at tha moment concerning the Muslim women wearing the veils that completely shield their faces, one of out M.P.'s spoke out against them saying they caused division (especially in areas were there was a lot of Muslims living in the community)....because in this country we like to look at people when we are talking to them....to see expressions etc.
The Muslims have as usual taken deep offence at this (it really doesn't take much in most cases ) and some are using it as an excuse to encite yet more violence...how sad and something really does need to be done.
I suppose there is a lot we do not understand about tIslam, but sadly many people rightly or wrongly associate the wearing of the full viel as extremeism, ...and it is the extremists who are usually the terorists.... so i think peoples fears are understandable....especially as we are not allowed to even carry a Bible in their country, let alone build mosques and have our prayer call ringing out in the cities every worship day !!!
I have never beeen a rascist and wish we could all get on together...but when in Rome !!!...they should make an effort to intigrate into our society more and i think then they would be accepted far more readily.
This is a heavy subject...Sorry, its just that it is in danger of getting out of hand over here now and many people believe something as to be done about it ...and soon.
It is a worry asto how it will all end........enough of that, i just wondered what other people thought and if the same problem was encountered in other parts of the world ???........think ill goback to talking about Cottages, kids and animals etc as its easier and not so upsetting.
The weather here is still surprisingly warm for the time of year,...wonder what sort of winter we are in for ??
Hope everyone is well, will write again soon...Joy

October 12, 2006

More Thatched Cottages

Here's another cottage i thought you would like....i think they look so warm and cozy.They cost a fortune to buy though..and the thatched roofs need replacing or at least re-pairing every 10 tears or so, and that is very costly as well.
When i go to Ireland i will send you some more from there (this one is local)...i am so looking forward to going again, only a couple of weeks now and i am off.
I am so worried about all my cats though....Jimmy will look after them each day or one of my friends, but i still worry about leaving them....hope the weather stays good its lovely here again at the moment, really warm for the time of year.

October 10, 2006

Such good friends.... At Last

At long last i have managed to do my Blog.!!its been ages.

My two latest arrivals (Lady & Bailey) are at long last the best of friends....but it seemed to take ages, lots of spitting, hissing & fur flying...but they have become inseperable now and sleep together each night.
J.C. and Smokey (my 2 older cats) are fine with them too...but because these 2 were both fairly new together i thought i would despair of them ever getting along, i used to worry when i left them and had to seperate them whenever i went out,...i think there was alot of uncertainty and jealousy..but they even share the same food bowl now...aren't animals funny and so very changeable !!!..but i love them.
Will send some more pics of cottages next time i have been out with my camera again.

September 12, 2006

Thatched Cottages

This is just one of the cottages, in the surrounding villages near Tamworth...it is right next to the village pond, and the driveway at the side leads to a little whitewashed "pub" that also used to be thatched , but as now got a traditional roof...the thatchers art is sadly dying out now as they are very expensive to replace and need to be renewed every 10 years or so, but they are lovely and we have several around this area...also a fully thatched Public house still remains...i will put that on my next Blog....the pub does good food and are very reasonable too,...i love it there.

August 25, 2006

Feeling fed up today.

Hi I have got this to work at long last. I think it must have been a fault or something the past few days.
Glad you are feeling better Dee, will write to Kerry tomorrow (an E-mail) as there are a few things i do not want to put onto my blog in case it is read by certain people.
Here is a picture of Bailey and J.C....he is a little nutter at times and just jumps on her all the time....she looks a bit angry with him in this one...but he just goes back for more all the time, she will take so much then pin him down and lick his ears and clean him, they are funny to watch....none of the other cats will have anything to do with him and just spit at him....i must shut up or i will become boring, talking about my cats all the time...(i think im getting like an old Biddy) How is your craft work coming along, i will have to go onto both of your blogs and see if you have put any pictures there (Kerry & Dee)....i think maybe Dee will be back with you by now ???...i do not know if you will get this after all as a box as come up saying "it couldn't connect to Blogger.com" so it may fail !!!! i thought it was o.k. after all but maybe not......talk soon hope you get this. Joy

August 20, 2006

What a dope I am.

I am such an idiot i have put the wrong picture with my last letter...that was Lady NOT Bailey.
Here is one of Bailey (alias Malibu)

I have changed my Kittens name

Well at last i have decided to change my kittens name...it isn't Malibu any longer (i called him that after the drink..which i love with Ice and Pineapple)
He is now called Bailey (after the drink "Baileys Irish Cream" which i also love with loads of ice !!)....i'm not an alcoholic ...honestly !!!, but if i am going to have a drink in the summer, those are the two that i would choose...and i think the name Bailey really suits the little fellow. , He is into everything now and eats like there is no tomorrow, he was hanging from the top of my dressing gown on the back of the bedroom door this morning and he as so much enengy, Lady the albino is still very shy of coming downstairs, even though i leave all the doors open for her, she will only come down if i am here with her.
She is here with me at the moment sitting on the window shelf looking outside..she is a good little cat and very loving.. i do hope she starts to stay downstairs with the other cats soon...i have put another picture of her here (i hope)
Kerry you are getting so good at your craft things...the little pig was so clever i loved him(or her) i used to collect pigs, i had so many of them and if i visit any of the local farms i have to see the pigs...there is something about them that is so sweet...they always look so sad...Tamworth is world famous for a rare breed of pig called the "Tamworth Red"..have you heard of them ??

I am going to take my camera and get some pictures of the thatched cottages in the villages around here and also the thatched public house (the English name for a bar were you can buy alcohol)... i just want a nice sunny day, we have had a lot of rain the last few days....all the sunshine and clammy heat, seem so far away now and we seem back to "normal" English weather again...Talk soon...get well soon Dee.

August 17, 2006

Forgot to show you the" Baby"

I forgot to show you the baby is name is Malibu at the moment, but the grandkids are going to give him a permanent name. He is about 7 weeks old, and still a bit nervous...he keeps hiding behind things..he went behind the washing machine on Monday when i 1st had him, and i was so worried as i couldn't get him out until my son came....but he was o.k., he seems to get a little bit more relaxed each day and is getting playful.

Hello At Last

Hi At last, its been ages since i last wrote, but the family problems seem to be sorting themselves out at last..so i can have another go....iv'e already made 2 mistakes, i think ihave forgotten what's what..but i'll keep trying..i think its old age, i seem to forget everything lately.
I love my 2 new kitties, i was only going to have the one (the baby)..but im a sucker for a sob story and when i heard the poot albino was to go in a cats home if she couldn't be homed quickly, i decided i had to have her...i am so glad i did, she is adorable, her poor owner couldn't take her to the flat she was moving into, and didn't want her to be put in a home,..but at least she can come and see he now that i have her...she is so loving and sleeps on my bed at night...her name is Lady she is almost 3 years old...i am going to try and put a picture of her on my blog..i only said TRY !!!

July 19, 2006

Forgot to finish my blog, Laura is the girl in green at the front this was taken a few weeks ago at he girls section of the Bicester division Cadets, she as been going for a while now and loves it...i pray she will be o.k...i no she is young and healthy, but i worry for the kids today...and this is supposed to be a "nice area" of the U.K....i'd hate to live in a bad area...do you have things like this happen in Nevada?
Hope you are all well over there...i haven't been in touch because of all that as been happening, but Laura is a little better today and as stopped been sick.

Really Upsetting Week

What a terrible week it as been...Laura my grandaughter who is 14 as been assaulted again by two 16 year old girls, who were drunk (or on drugs) and took a dislike to her,...this is the second time it as happened to her, but it is happening to others young girls in the area....it happened in the summer last year to her and her friend..both were beaten badly by a gang of girls at that time.
She as been in hospital with head injuries and is on a drip and awaiting another brain scan, she has 2 black eyes and is bruised and has several lumps on her head and legs and was sick most of the night and Adam (her Dad) stayed at the hospital with her...Ness is Distraught, it is a police matter as her injuries are quite bad....the girls held her head under one of their arms and smashed it continually onto metal railings....the only thing they
kept saying was..aren't you a pretty girl. !!
This sort of behaviour is getting out of hand now...and its the girls who are by far the worst offenders...whatis happening to the World.

July 10, 2006

Messed it up again

Forgot to put my writing with my picture...sorry, what an idiot...but ill get there..anyway the cottage is here now.

Another lovely Irish cottage

We have lots of these in parts of England too.

I loved this thatched cottage..there were so many of them in this little town in Ireland...
We have got them in parts of the U.K. too (there are a few not far from where i live).....but they are getting rarer nowadays, to have a house thatched costs thousands of pounds and they need doing every ten years or so. also the art of the thatcher is dying out...i think its mostly passed down from generation to generation in families, and lots of young people aren't interested any more..what a shame as they look so lovely....nowadays folk are just having normal slate roofs replacing the thatch....what a shame, they're now where near as pretty.

July 08, 2006

Sending another pic of Ireland.

Hi here i go again, attempting to send another picture and hopefully writing as well.

This picture is of Dingle bay in the ring of Kerry, it is the county that we stayed in while we were there...it was so lovely..the pictures don't really do it justice....hope this turns out...bear with me if it doesn't....if you can enlarge it the picture will come up with a lot more detail...its a very pretty place...here goes, hope it works !!!!

Managed to do a picture ...at last !!

View from the yard in Ireland.
I have managed to send a picture to my blog at long last..thank you so much Dee...trouble is i didn't manage to send the writing as well.....never mind i am getting there !!...slowly ...this picture is the view from the yard at Toms house, thats Margarets cousin, it is even lovelier in reality... i will send more now that i can do it.

The weather here is so weird at the moment...baking hot, then torrential rain and thunderstorms...which usually clear the air and cool things down a little...but its hotter than ever afterwards at the moment, at least in this part of the country....we need "swamp coolers" i think...i had never heard of those until i read Dees blog, it made me look them up, they are used mostly in desert areas aren't they... they sound really cool.

Kerry i LOVE your picture room, what a clever idea...and i can't believe how lush and green your garden is, i always imagined it to be a bit barren as you are in a desert area, you must work so hard on it...but i bet its lovely to sit outside in it and eat out there...thats what i love most about summer (although ours only last a short time)..eating outside..whats it called Al Fresco ??..or something like that, anyway i love that.

Take Care all of you, Talk soon. Joy

July 02, 2006

chat- a-while-with Joy

Too hot to do anything.

It is just too hot these past few days to do anything, i got up at 4.30 am today as i couldn't sleep and decided to try and clean up my garden & do some much needed weeding and planting, i was going to do it last night, but decided i would just have a lie down for half hour and then do it....Big mistake, i just went into a coma and couldn't bring myself to move after that......trouble was i had brought some plants from the garden centre on Friday and STILL hadn't put them in, so in all this heat the poor things were almost keeled over....i felt so guilty....but i have given them a good soak now and stood them in water and they are rewarding me with straight backs and healthy leaves and flowers again.
I will have to put them in tonight now as it is just too hot to do them this afternoon.

I have got to take Jimmy and some of his friends to Coventry today to see a band called "the Red Hot Chillie Peppers" ...as anyone heard of them ???...i am informed that they are famous, but i must be really old as i have never heard of them...but at least he is getting out now and doesn't seem as withdrawn as he was.... i think this time it may really be over with Polly...but you never can tell, i just wish they would either stay together or make a complete break as the wound is never allowed to heal when she keeps ringing him up all the time and he goes back for a week or two and then its all off again...and each time he is lost for a while......he's 30 now, but its strange when they are hurting they will ALWAYS be "our kids" won't they ?

I loved your picture of the Rose Kerry... i too love roses, was that one in your garden ?..... i especially love the scented ones, but there are not many of them about now, the real old fashioned scented ones that are intoxicating... (nowtheres a big word for a Sunday afternoon) !!!, i have one called " The Mayor of Casterbridge"...and it is wonderful i can smell it right down the garden...Gordon brought it for me the year before he died and it always reminds me of him... i do not know if you can get over there but if you can it is special.
I hope Howard is still doing well after his surgery and i think every day about your brother Mike Kerry... how is he.?

I am going now to have a shower and a cold beer as i am melting again, the heat in this country is so muggy and damp at this time of the year...some countries it is a dry heat and it is still bad but at least your not melting...i love the brightness of the sunshine it always cheers me up...but why does it come with its own damp as an added extra.
Talk soon Joy

June 18, 2006

got my puter back at long last

Hi everyone.
At long last i have got my computer back...i have missed it the other one was so slow.

I am not sure if this will work o.k....so here's hoping, if i get any feedback i'll know its o.k. to start writing again.
I have been to my great grandaughters christening today..it was lovely, but as always happens there were agruments within the family, i hope they can soon be sorted out, a christening should be a happy occasion after all.

It as been very hot here in the U.K. the past week or so, but it was a lot cooler today.
Ellie Mae looked lovely in her little dress and cape, she is always smiling and is such a pleasant little soul......why do they have to grow up ??

I have lots to talk about, but i will wait to see if this one gets printed o.k.

I have just got up to date with yours & Dee's blogs Kerry, loved the pictures.
Will write more tomorrow...its good to be back on line...hope youe feeling much better now Kerry.

Take Care all...Love Joy

May 20, 2006

chat-a-while-with Joy

Back from Ireland.

Hi got back from Ireland safe and sound had a wonderful time...i love that place so beautiful and peaceful.
The weather was pretty bad though..lots of rain but it was still lovely.

Went up the Connor pass on the mountain road a really wonderful place with spectacular views in good weather, but we hit a lot of really bad rain, we were up in the clouds as they were so low that day... couldn't see a hand in front of us, the fog came down so quickly..very eerie...there was a sheer drop the one side... then up ahead as we got closer we saw lots of car lights...some idiot had only tried to take a huge wagon laden with heavy machinery up the narrow pass and had got completely stuck in between the rocks, it just couldn't move...some of the folk had been there over an hour, and couldn't get a line on their mobiles (cell phones) to get help, it would have been nigh on impossible and really dangerous to reverse all the way back down the pass again (especially with that sheer drop) i was really spooked, in the end decided to do a multi point turn in the narrow road and go back that way, very scary...but afterwards everyone decided to do the same....we would probably still have been up there if not !!!..it put well over an hour onto our journey but at least we were safe.
I do hope i can get the hang of sending pictures onto my blog as i have some lovely ones to show you.

I can't wait to see the ones you took of your Mom & Aunty, i bet they are funny...Kerry you are a wind up !!!

I was so sorry to hear about your Uncle Mike i do hope he is on the way to a complete recovery now, it must have ben great going to San Francisco, but i wish it had been under better circumstances for you....that is one place i would really love to visit, id it a very long way from you ?? i think it must be.

I am off to Vanessa's on Monday for the week as she is on holiday and i am looking after the Dog, Cats and Luke as he as just started a new job and doesn't want the time off yet.

Jimmy is still seperated from Polly, i don't think they will get back together now,..he is very sad and Lost,...but better now than when they were married with children...things have been very stormy with them for a long time now and i was worried, but he is so sad at the moment.

Anyway i will get into my day now i have loads to do...hope to hear from you soon.
Take Care...Love Joy.

May 07, 2006

Well Done Funkey Monkeys

chat-a-while-with Joy
Well done all of you i am so pleased and proud of the Funkey Monkeys !!..coming First !! that is so brilliant..but i never really doubted !!!

I'm so glad you had a brilliant time...but i bet you will sleep for the next 24hours Kerry (i know i would)

It is so great that all that money as been collected too, to help find a cure for M.S....congratulations to everyone who took part in the walk.... where is next years walk going to be held..or do you always have one in Nevada ?.... i would dearly love to be there for next years...who knows.

Jimmy as just walked in so i will say goodbye for now
Well Done again Love Joy

It is very cold and grey here this morning...not at all spring weather, wish i had stayed in bed.
I put some washing on the line in my garden yesterday to save my tumble dryer..but it is even wetter now so i'll probably get it in and tumble it anyway.......oh why am i waffling on about silly mundane things like this when the funkey monkeys came 1st in the M.S.Walk !!!!.... i'll shut up.

I'm going to get some packing done for my holiday, so that should cheer me up then i'll have

May 06, 2006

Thinking of you all today

Hi funkey monkeys.
I am sitting here thinking about you all on your walk today...you must be sick of me saying i wish i was there....but i really do,!!!
I keep wondering if it is too hot, or your legs are hurting or your feeling too tired Kerry??,..i know Nessa gets poorly in the heat..but she still really loves it......then i stop and think of all that it means to you ,and i KNOW you will be enjoying it, i bet the atmosphere is great there with all the family and friends around you...have a wonderful time...with the time distance you may be finished the walk by now....i wasn't sure how long it went on for but i know you will tell me all about it when you have recovered and i can't wait to hear about it and see the pictures...Vanessa said she wishes she could have been there too...she would love that, i don't think they do anything like that in this Country (as far as we know) i think Ness woulkd get to hear if they did.

I have been out in my garden doing some bits today..but then it started to rain and i have had to leave it...that so gets me cross, especially as i was just making headway on it, i only have a small garden but its not easy doing it yourself..i have to sit on the floor to do most things as i can't bend too far with my back (arthritis)..but once it gets wet i can't sit down...so i had a nice cold beer instead....

Anyway i am going to cook myself some dinner now...hope you had a Fabulous day....Love Joy

May 04, 2006

Sunshine at Last

Hi All
It as been a lovely sunny day today...i feel so much better when the sun is out...my troubles seem.... well less troublesome.
Went out with my brother to dinner, a break from work...gotta be good.!!!
The weather forcast for tomorrow is raining and colder...what a pain.
I am going to have my hair highlighted tomorrow, Pam my daughter-in-Law is having hers done too, i really need something done with mine i look like Wurzel Gummedge !!!......do you have him on your t.v. over there in Nevada ?...he is a scarecrow that comes to life and has all sorts of adventures, i'm still a kid at heart...any way my hair is so much like his that we could be related at the moment.
I can't go to Ireland next week looking like this.
I love all your Pictures Kerry and cant wait to see the others..take loads of the walk if you can.

Please take care of yourself, i was so upset when i heard about your legs, try and rest them before you go on the walk...but i know nothing will crush that spirit of yours.
Talk soon Love Joy

April 30, 2006

Its a Bank Holiday This Weekend

Hi Friends
Its been a whole weeek since i felt up to writing my blog, just one thing after another.... but i hope things are going to get better now.

It's so upsetting when family are been hurt (or doing the hurting) and weve had our share of both this past week or two..... i know you understand when i say if any of my family suffer i do to.

Its a Bank holiday this weekend, so no-one goes to work tomorrow (except my poor son Simon) and the kids have a day off from School, if the weather is good i may take some of them out for the day.... we have had some nice weather on & off, but its not been too good today.

Vanessa came up and stayed for 2 days that was lovely, but she as gone back now and they have taken my little buddy Victor back with them, i'll miss him (most of the time) but he can be a nuisance if you want to go out somewhere that dogs can't go... or shopping...he howls and barks and the neighbours moan about him, but i take the Van usually and he does come most places with me....i'll have him again when i get back from my holiday in Ireland...i'm going on the 13th....really will have to take some photographs of that it is a lovely place.

I am looking forward to seeing all your pics ...cant wait for them, and really hope you manage to do that disc.
You Funky Monkeys are doing so well....i'm proud to be one of you (wish i could do the walk with you all... but the pics of that will help me feel that i'm there with you all.)

Have you seen the latest series of "Lost" yet...i'm hooked on it, the new series starts here on Tuesday (22 episodes apparently)...but no one here seems to know for certain if this is going to be the last series or if there is another one...any ideas ??..we have already seen 22 hour long episodes in the first series...do you know if there is a series 3 or not ??......will get withdraweral sympoms when it is finished for good.

I have also been watching another American series that is very good "Invasion"...that seems to be a very long running one too...anyone seen that and know how it ends ?

I am going to do a bit of housework now...but its good to be back, talk soon...bye for now Joy

April 23, 2006

So Fed Up Today.

Yesterday was so good, today i feel so low...family troubles, i have tried to sweep them under the carpet as i didn't want to talk about them because they just upset me so much..... but you can only bury your head for so long i suppose, and then things happen that just make you face them,(like last night),... its such a long story and complicated, but i will go mad if i don't talk about it....will send you an E-mail Kerry, i would really like to know what you think, ( you can share with Dee if you want to), 2 different age groups opinions will perhaps help, life is so complicated, but the last thing i want to do is be depressing, especially to you as i know you have your own problems and need to keep cheerful, Ness is so upset and angry too,...but i'm really trying to find something positive in it all.
Anyway i hope things are good over there and your feeling better.

April 22, 2006

Been to Birmingham Today

Hi !
I have been to Birmingham today with my friend...the old part of the Town centre...... with all the outdoor markets and the "rag market"...where you can buy so many "crafty" things and materials at a quarter of the price you pay anywhere else.
It brought so back so many memories of when i was a teenager.....how i used to love the Hustle and bustle and all the colors.

It was just the same today...like stepping back in time,...there was a sort of Jamaican band playing...very loud and happy, all the colorfull stalls ...and the smells ohh heaven...just like been transported back in a time machine, wonderful.
You would have loved it Kerry... i thought of you.
I brought all sorts of useless junk , some jewellery and a model of the Cutty Sark for Simon that would have cost me at least 3 times as much in the High street,..(he'll love it ) some material for making quilts and little bits and pieces for making Lavender bags, some support tights for my aching but (at the time) happy legs.......then had some hot chocolate, and a hot Cornish pasty, that we ate walking around.....and dare i say it a Hot Jam doughnut...bliss ...i was 16 again.... but then i had to come home !!!!

My legs are not so happy now..really need those tights, but it was lovely to go after such a long time...and i know i must go again soon..it really cheered me up.
I am going down to Simon & Pams now, to give him his Ship,...hope everyone over in Nevada is well and had a good day too.

April 21, 2006

I Love my New style Blog (designs by Dee)

Hi There.
So happy with my new Blog...thanks Dee your brilliant.

Had a bad day with my arthritis today, but managed to take Victor a walk
I am going out to tea (dinner)...i think Tea is a very "English" expression and its quite stupid really because its probably something we don't even drink at that time of night... but we are a crazy nation with our speech anyway.
Its like our teens they seem to have a language all of their own...not sure If Teens in the U.S. have the same..??.for instance "Bad" and "Wicked"..both mean something is good...if its "Real Bad" its very good...the "badder "it is the better...do you get the picture...it took me ages, my grandkids had to write it all down for me...!!
Then they have names for the different types of dress they wear, and if you wear certain things you only "hang out" with kids who dress the same..your either a Chav, a grebo, a goth, a Townie a rusty or a choice of about 20 others...i'd hate to be a teenager nowadays...in my Day you were either a "mod" or a "Rocker"... now i'm really showing my age.

At least i know what i am now (so they tell me)..i'm an "oldie"...yes i can live with that, nice and simple...and at least i know what i can wear...anything i flipping well like...i'd hate to be a teenager again, i'd never remember what i was from one day to the next..is it just ours that are crazy or are they the Same in the States i wonder ??

April 18, 2006

Booked the toning beds today !!!

Hi there Kerry & Dee
Its me again..really enjoying this...but still cant send pic's....think i may
need some help if this carries on,..... thanks for your offer Dee.

Its still really cold here for spring although we did have a warm day Sunday...its dry at least, Victor gets me out, thats why i brought him back with me when i came back from Nessa's...as i badly need some exercise.

Pam my daughter -in- Law as just booked us both in to go on the toning beds tomorrow....not sure if you call them something different over there ?....they are like beds that you use to do exercises on, they are electric and you just lie there and they do all the hard work for you (apparently)..but the effect is supposed to be the same....you still use all the different muscles that you dont always use....i'll let you know more about those tomorrow...but IF they work they are my sort of workout !!!.i

I also have my next lot of tests coming up at the Doctors on Thursday so i must completely stop eating chocolate of any sort.......its so hard been a "diabetic chocoholic"... i was only borderline the last time i was tested and i have tried so hard to cut right back,... but sometimes i fail...i still comfort eat and chocies (now how do you spell that ??) are what i reach for first if i am feeling Low.
This time she is testing me for other things as well because of some of the symptoms i am showing, but i really hope my sugar is no worse because to totally give up chocolate would be an unbearable fate......what a drama Queen,...but true non the less !!

I am off now to take Victor a little walk, i think my arthritis feels a bit better since i have taken him for these short walks but it could just be that the rain and damp seem to have gone for the time been...talk later.

April 17, 2006

2nd one today...wow

I am writing again on this blog...maybe because its a new experience,but i need the practice.
Dee i have just been reading some of yours that you wrote last week (while i was visiting Vanessa)...i noticed on one of them dated 11th May, that you offereds to set peoples blogs up for them....oh i wish i had read that before i started to try & do my own..... i am getting there, but i dont know how to do all those desins and things that make yours and your moms so interesting....and i dont think i'll ever be able to send pictures....i have been trying on and off all day.....i keep making mistakes, i can send pics o.k. in E-mails etc,... but i don't know what i do wrong on here....guess i'm an old girl and things take longer to sink in !!!
i'll keep trying.
I had to smile when i read about your families sleep walking experiences, Vanessa used to sleep talk and walk when she was younger, but i really had to keep my eyes on her as she actually left the house one night and was walking down the Road, at that time we lived on a fairly busy road and i am so glad i saw her walking past the window in her mickey mouse nightie...but i found out a few things too as she got older, that she may not have told me if she had been awake, but we have many a laugh over those things now.
Anyway i am going now...to try yet again to send some pictures....i wish i had some one to show me how to do these things..take care Dee & dear Kerry...and night night to you both..love from Joy

Think i'm getting the hang of this

Its been a good day today, i went to a local water park with Victor and Kirsty one of my grandkids, had a good time but Victor decided to bark at every one in a baseball cap....he didnt scare anyone though, all that slobber and gums had no effect whatsoever on anybody,they just laughed at him... he was very dejected on the way home.....i wish i could send pictures then you'd see why,....but one step at a time, i'll get there one day.
I hope you get to read this, then i'll know i've done it right,...thanks for your comments today and for your help,...i am going to enjoy this when i've learned how to do it, and its good to keep in touch,bye for now Kerry and Dee.

April 16, 2006

This is my first try at writing a Blog

Hi anyone who's there

Be real patient with me as this is my very first Blog.....i so want to be able to do this but i'm a bit nervous.
I'm a 57 year old Mom and grandmother and i live in Tamworth in England, i became interested in this through my friend Kerry in Nevada, i enjoyed reading her and her daughter Dee's blogs so much i decided to give it a go myself......just a bit self consious ( is that spelt right ?) at the moment but i'm sure ill get used to it eventually....who knows i may even become witty and cheer folk up like they do...lets not get carried away.
Its Easter Sunday here and i'm off to my sons for dinner in a bout half hour or so, must take my daughters dog for a walk first....but its so cold outside it will just be a short one i think.
he's a Bassett hound, and as the longest ears ever, one of my friends who had never heard of them or seem one before actually thought he was deformed !!!! this is true.. but hes lovely and gets me out of the house.
I am going now, and i hope i can get used to this and keep it up, i'm sure ill get the hang of it eventually, but be patient with me...bye for now.Joy