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August 24, 2007

The Happy Couple

Just thought i would put a pic of the happy couple onto my blog..these were taken 3 weeks after the actual wedding because the weather was so terrible on the day..it poured of rain and everyone had to run for cover ... the only photographs that could be taken were all inside.
They wanted some taken outside the church so we had to wait for the sunshine after they got back from honeymoon, it did show itself eventually and i think it was nice for Polly to put her dress on again...i will put some more pictures on soon...hopefully.

August 22, 2007

Forgot this yesterday

Forgot to put this picture on yesterday..it was at the estuary in Wales, the tide was out as you can see...my camera broke so i was only able to take 2 photo's..have had it repaired now (got sand in it i think)..so i'll take some more next time i go down.

August 21, 2007

Going to Start this Diet

It as been ages since i wrote my blog..so many things have happened, the bad ones i am going to put behind me now, and concentrate on positive things.

I am going to start this diet group with Kerry & Dee..I have high hopes of becoming fitter and thinner by Christmas...i'm not big on willpower..but with support i'm sure i'll do it..because i seriuosly want and need to for my healths sake.

I have had a lovely holiday in Wales, it really helped and i have recently joined the local 'Ladies Only' gym...its called "Gymophobics"...the name says it all, its for ladies of any age or fitness, who find normal gymnasiums very daunting..the machines are all designed to cover any range from total beginner (Me) to much fitter energetic ladies (which i hope to become...eventually)..you progress at your own pace and are monitored regularly... I am going to stick to it, dieting is not much good without excercise, so they say.