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October 31, 2007

Is it any wonder i cant loose weight ?

Here is a picture of my huge Birthday cake (it looks much smaller here than it actually was ) I shared it with waiters at the restaurant,friends and everyone who came to visit me that week..but still had loads left for myself...i can't resist nice cake & this was delicious...I just can not have any in the house or i get too tempted.
I WILL start this diet again this week.
Dee i have just realized i had put this picture on the wrong blog originally ..i put it on the 'losing it' blog..what a dummy..could you remove it for meplease ??..you know how useless i am with these things...i think my Birthday cake is the LAST thing anyone will want to see who is trying to loose weight...i;m SO sorry....any way the cake as long since been eaten, but i have only just got around to putting the pictures into my folder to use.

October 28, 2007

Just want to say Hi

Just thought i would say hi...i have left a note on the 'Losing it' blog...won't discuss that now as its too depressing!!..here's a picture of my little Birthday meal..there were only a few of us, (10) as i didn't want a big fuss..the friend (Noreen) on my left as you look at it is 73 years old !! hope i look like that when i am her age Jim, Polly & Ness are opposite me, Jenny & Yazmin are the other side, and Margaret, Dave, & Colin are out of the Picture.. It was a good night we had a lovely Indian meal, the restaurant was a new one and very nice..i had a lovely Birthday cake, I will put that on my next blog...but thats a sore point , it was a HUGE cake and really delicious..any way that was a month ago now but i have only just got around to sorting out the pictures....It was great having Ness up as always..i hate it when she goes home though...but i'd never tell her...talk later.

October 14, 2007

Elas and her dogs

Hi....I just wanted to put a picture of my friend Elsa and her 2 dogs onto here...this picture was taken when she came up last year, at the local water park in Kingsbury...the male dog (the one at the back) has since died of a liver desease, he was a lovely little fella...named Jacob. To Elsa they are her children, she was up here in Tamworth for 2 weeks but went back home yesterday morning...I am off to Vanessa's today for a few days as it is her Birthday on Tuesday, i'm really looking forward to seeing them all down in there in Oxford.

I hope everyone is ok, i have had a bit of trouble with my E-mails, but i think it is all sorted out now...i will take some pictures while i am at Vanesssa's & put them on here when i get back...I must NOT forget my camera (i usually do) i will put it in my bag now so ithat remember...talk later

October 07, 2007

Two More Pictures

Heres 2 more pictures of places that i visit..the one i think will interest Kerry & Dee.it is an old derelict farmhouse that is believed to be haunted..i'll go in to it in the day time..but i'm not to sure at night..i'll have to wait until Kerry & Dee come over..I wish !!!
The other Picture is part of the flower gardens and shops at Matlock..the gardens are lovely in summer and early autumn..there ia a very old clock there as well...i will send that next..some of the shops here are quite old as well..and there are some nice little cafe's..its nice to spend a relaxing afternoon there as rhe scenery around is very pretty too.

A day out at Chester

Hello Everyone...I have managed to get onto my blog again...there must have been a fault when i last tried and so i just gave up, what a quitter !!!! and I haven't tried since until today...I was going to ask Dee to help me, but i thought to myself ..No, i'll just give it a quick try first...and it worked !!!..i should have tried before..i'm so pathetic,...still it will save Dee a job.
This is a town called Chester that i enjoy visiting sometimes ..it has a lot of very old buildings and shops...its lovely to visit at Christmas time..i will send some more pictures of it then..i have so many pictures that i have taken lately....will put some more on....hope you dont get fed-up with them