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October 25, 2012


Hi to anyone who may pop by...but i doubt there will be many as its been over a year since i did my blog..so many problems. I'm hopefully back now. Im using a laptop at the moment,and these old fingers of mine are finding it difficult. My main computer, my faithful old friend, as been out of action for most of that time,and although it as been given a new lease of life a few weeks ago..its still having a rough time trying to get going properly...so hence until its 100% sorted out..ill just have to try doing my blog with this contraption..the keys are so close together, and my old hands are getting clumsy, i keep hitting two together and spend most of the time correcting my mistakes...you'll soon get used to it, is what i've been told for the past several months !! I will get into doing my blog again as i have missed it, IF anyone gets to read this,please drop me a quick comment please,that will make me feel as if its all worthwhile. My wrist is sore and my fingers are going stiff so ill stop for now...but im going to read some of the blogs of my old friends now..that's something else i've missed these past months.

September 20, 2011

Will this work ???

Just trying this had SO much trouble lately..maybe because u haven't used it in a while.

March 11, 2011

Weather getting a bit brighter at last.

Well its been a month since i last blogged,and i had such high expectations and determination to post more often...the best laid schemes of mice and men etc(or women) as Robert Burns once said..LOL
The weather here is a lot brighter, but still very cold..still its good to see some clearer skies at last, i always feel better when its not grey & miserable...Cant wait for Spring..not long now.
The little Jonquils/Daffodils are already open, they are the first things to show their little faces after all the gloom of Winter, they always cheer me up.
I have had so much trouble with my arm & shoulder the past few weeks..think it maybe my Arthritis, but it has got so bad,the Doctor sent me to have Physio..that isn't doing any good, so i may have to have Hydrocortisone injections into my shoulder..not looking forward to that...but if it rids me of this pain i'll do anything..im living on strong pain killers and they are helping a lot, but just make me tired & lethargic....and when they start to wear off the pain is back as bad as ever...If i lived in a hot Country i dont think i would suffer at all...I think that's why so many Brits buy homes in Spain & the hot countries to help their Arthritis and various aches and pain.
Vanessa was here for the week last week..and it was so good to have her..i always feel a bit low when she goes home, but i'll go down there more when the weather is warmer....cats are all waiting for their dinner..so ill make them happy...must try & get my camera working, i have just taken some pics of my daffodils..but cant up load them...must get this camera sorted out !!!

February 10, 2011

Camera Trouble

Just thought i would put a few pics on, BUT I am having camera trouble at the moment...probably because i haven't used it in a while..Must get it checked out.
Weather here today is very grey & miserable..the sort of weather that plays havoc with my Arthritis...( i look like 'the Mummy' at the moment)..i have those stick on heat pads all over me...lower back, shoulders arms etc..LOL...NOW i know why so many Brits buy 2nd homes abroad in the warmer climates..i would if i could, but cant afford it...so ill just have to stay here & wait until spring !! i always feel better then. The cats hate it as well..only Moses ventures out for more than a few minutes..the rest just stay inside.
I am looking at the garden thinking i really must get all the dead debris and old leaves removed from the plants it would look better if i did that,but these old bones have other idea's at the moment...Doc's Surgery just rang i have to go in next week about my diabetes..will ask if i can have some stronger pain killers, then maybe ill be able to tackle it...Oh well must stop moaning..it doesn't really help, and i KNOW there are so many worse off, My lovely Ness & dear Kerry for starters...im sure they cant wait for the warmer weather as well we all feel better with some sunshine..going to get myself a cuppa...BYE

February 02, 2011

As it really been over 7 months ??

As it really been over 7 months since i last wrote on my blog ??...apparently it has.
So much as happened in that time, some of it good, some quite bad.
I really must start blogging again..i used to really enjoy both writing my own, and reading the blogs of others (friends mostly)
Reading a few of them today, i realise just how much i have missed them..so i am going to start blogging again, and will sort out some pictures as well.
Just wanted to put this on to make a start...
So watch this space..it probably wont be literary brilliance..( no Probably about it, it won't be..lol)..but i'll make an effort and fill you in on my life these past months...it may be therapeutic for me to start to write again anyway.
I'm going to bed now..must get some sleep..then tomorrow..put my thinking cap on.
Night night, to anyone who passes through.

May 17, 2010

A Mosque on the 9/11 site !!!!

I can not believe that they are even thinking of building a Mosque on the site of the 9/11 terrorist attack.!! and planning to start work on the SAME day as it happened!!!!To me that is unthinkable. I am not prejudiced neither am i rascist or against Islam in anyway, but WHY there !!!..New York is a HUGE city, to choose a spot where thousands lost there lives is unbelievable me. What about the relatives of all the innocent people who lost their lives on that terrible day. It is just an insult to them..more importantly who on earth agreed to such a thing? I am sure some Muslims lost loved ones there as well,and i imagine they will feel exactly the same!! Leave that place as it is, where people can go to quietly reflect & remember...To build a Mosque,there is so very insensitive and i imagine would do New York no good whatsoever. It as already caused a lot of upset over here..many saying it is Evil and totally unnecessary. This is not been rascist,everyone knows that it was of course a very small minority of terrorists who attacked the Twin Towers that terrible day, and of course they are not reflective of Islam in general, but surely the very fact that it happened at all is enough to NOT want a Mosque built on the site..Please,Please leave that site as it is..build nothing there, least of all a Mosque..that is too inflammatory. Go ahead and Build a Mosque in New York, it is after all just a place of Worship, but never,never on the site of ground Zero.

May 08, 2010

My Cockerel Clock.

Here is a picture of my Cockerel Clock for Kerry, as i know she likes Chickens etc. I am going to put it up in my shed (once i have renewed its batteries)..then i can see it when i am having a cup of tea up there (or a Glass of Wine)..LoL

April 28, 2010

I've heard of Chicken in the Basket !!!

Bailey seems to love to lie in this basket of Soft toys, he'll sleep here for hours..or until one of the little ones desides they wants to play with them..then he is off like lightening, i dont think he fancies been picked up and wrapped in a blanket, pushed around in a dolls pram, or fed artificial milk from a toy bottle !!

Prevous Post Removed

I removed my prevous Post, thank you to the kind folk who commented, i am going to keep my Doctors appointment next week..but must pull myself together..i am going out in a few minutes will Blog on the day later.

April 25, 2010

My Rooster

This is just a pic of my 'Door Stop Rooster'. Its especially for my friend Kerry, as she loves Chickens, he lives in my shed nowadays so i can look at him when i can having a cup of tea ( i told you i'm geting a batty old bird myself !! )..He is quite heavy and very colorful. The Rain is torrential here again tonight ..and the winds are raging as i am writing, i can hear them above the T.V. even with the double glazing, which i thought was supposed to eliminate noise ??...I am feeling a little better today, but still not well..i really must force myself to go to the Doctors....I'm not one for doing that, i usually self medicate..or sleep it off until i feel better..but this isn't going to go away,..I think it may be my diabetes acting up again, must make an appointment and show my face and hopefully she will be able to help...anyway have a good day tomorrow anyone who reads this.

April 23, 2010

My Special Offer Garden Set

I am so pleased to have got this little garden table set..It was a real bargain, 4 chairs, Round Table with toughened glass centre, and a black unberella..all for £60( the only thing wrong was damage to the BOX!!) everything else was fine...it as got a rattan look to it....I was thrilled at the price. When i went to the local garden centre, similar ones were costing around £300...i love a bargain..so now i can sit outside if the weather is nice....i'm getting to be a real old biddy, the simplest of things make me happy nowadays.