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April 28, 2009

A Family Portrait

Thought i had to add this to my blog...it is 3 of Nessa's 6 cats....the big ginger boy Tiffy is so lovely with all the cats..even the new arrival (3days old now)...because of his gentle nature we all thought Tiff was a girl at first (hence the name)..it was the vet who told us 'she' was actually a 'He' ...but he as accepted all the cats when they have come into the home, and he was the first there so its quite unusual...i still think of him as a 'she' because of his sweet nature.
All the cats love him he is like a feline Matriarch..or should that be Patriarch ??? LOL
Lady (Mom)..took the kitten over to him when she saw him and they all settled down together...Tiffy is NOT the Daddy by the way..that honour goes to deisel..the fluffy black & white boy (we think)

April 22, 2009

The Blosssom is lovely this year.

When i got back from Wales it was lovely to see the 2 blossom trees over the road..they had bloomed while i was away and i thought it was a pretty site..the blossoms dont last very long and are replaced by lots of greenery...but the blossoms are so pretty while they last.
The Old people who live in the little bungalows opposite must love to look out on them each day.

Holiday break in Wales

I I really enjoyed my break in Wales...i went with my friend Margaret to her Mobile home, its sighted permanently in a lovely spot surrounded by hills in a place called Derwenlas, in Macynllith (i'm sure i've spelt that wrong !!) we had lovely weather for the last 2 days, but a bit mixed at the beginning...the one picture is of the walking area on the site, its interesting as there are Buffolo's that live and breed there... but sadly the day i took my camera we didn't see any...last time i was down there we saw a whole herd of them.. We went to Aberystwith and also to a lovely craft center...i was so mad i forgot to take my camera because there was so much to see there. The scenery and countryside was lovely..but we were also only 10 minutes from a lovely quiet sandy beach ( see picture)...so we had the best of both Worlds....Bacon sandwiches each morning and just time to realx, do crosswords and have a good natter...it was a lovely time..we're going again in July..i'm so looking forward to that.

April 05, 2009

The Queen & Michelle Obama

Your President and First Lady have gone down a storm over here..they are lovely. I suppose by now you have heard about the way Michelle put her arm around the queen ?..(Royal protocol prevents any one from doing this)..the most amazing thing was the queen did the same back to her !!...this just never happens !!... Palace aides have said they laughed and chatted like old friends and appear to have a real warmth for each other. I thought she was lovely when she went to visit a lot of schools, the kids were hugging her..she seems to have a warmth & personality similar to that of Lady Diana..and cares for the normal man & woman in the street as she did...that is a wonderful attribute..Bless them both