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April 12, 2008

Snow in April

This was the sight that i woke up to last Sunday...it made my messy garden look really pretty for a few hours...Bailey looks surprised by it all, he hasn't seen snow before...it only lasted a few hours then it was gone, but it came down again later in the night.
I noticed that parts of the U.S. had it bad as well...its seemed strange waking up to Winter weather in what is normally a lovely spring month......However spring as 'sprung' again now and all is back to normal (over here anyway)
I have had some much needed work done to my garden and its looking a lot better...i just can't do it myself like i used to, but i always feel better when i look out and it's at least tidy (its only small so i have no real excuse)...I must go to the garden centres and get some plants and bulbs in the week.


  1. hola me encanto tu blog lo encontre muy bonitoo Bueno no tengo nd mas que opinar asik Xausssssss Pasate por mi blog

  2. Wow just look at that snow! Makes me feel cold!! I hope your getting lovely spring weather now Joy.



  3. Hate the snow now! We would like some Summer weather now, please!!! I hope you are staying warm dear friend.


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