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July 05, 2008

Back from my Hols.

I'm back from my holiday in Portugal...lovely place, but it was so very hot..even the Portugese where complaining about the heat...i only went out in the morning and evenings..all afternoon i stayed in with the 'air-con' on full !! the villa was lovely
Here is a picture of it..thats Laura standing by the gate, it had its own pool outside, will post some more pics later.
The beaches were great too..lovely white sand and clear sea.
We found it very expensive for a lot of things..Ness (who as been several times) said it used to be so much cheaper ...dont know if that is because it is becoming more popular..or because of a world recession..but many things were cheaper back home...still it was lovely to have a holiday & all be together..really miss that villa and all the space we had inside it, it was bigger than it looked in the picture..thats only half of it.

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  1. How great you had such a good time! I would love to go too! You are so lucky to have the chance to visit all the country's so close by! I wish I could go with you! Please send lots of pictures, so I can share the holiday with you some. I will write you later today. Your friend, Kerry


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