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May 06, 2006

Thinking of you all today

Hi funkey monkeys.
I am sitting here thinking about you all on your walk today...you must be sick of me saying i wish i was there....but i really do,!!!
I keep wondering if it is too hot, or your legs are hurting or your feeling too tired Kerry??,..i know Nessa gets poorly in the heat..but she still really loves it......then i stop and think of all that it means to you ,and i KNOW you will be enjoying it, i bet the atmosphere is great there with all the family and friends around you...have a wonderful time...with the time distance you may be finished the walk by now....i wasn't sure how long it went on for but i know you will tell me all about it when you have recovered and i can't wait to hear about it and see the pictures...Vanessa said she wishes she could have been there too...she would love that, i don't think they do anything like that in this Country (as far as we know) i think Ness woulkd get to hear if they did.

I have been out in my garden doing some bits today..but then it started to rain and i have had to leave it...that so gets me cross, especially as i was just making headway on it, i only have a small garden but its not easy doing it yourself..i have to sit on the floor to do most things as i can't bend too far with my back (arthritis)..but once it gets wet i can't sit down...so i had a nice cold beer instead....

Anyway i am going to cook myself some dinner now...hope you had a Fabulous day....Love Joy

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  1. We are all done and it was great! I wish you and Vanessa could have been there to. We came in 1st place! I thought I was hearing things when it was anounced. The Funky Monkeys are the 1st place winners! We brought in almost $3,600.00 and it was great. We have pictures to put on line and more for the movie we are going to send you. I would put them on tonight, but I am so tired. It was a nice day, not too hot. I rode and didn't walk. I think the long day was a little hard, but it was so great! Howard and Nick got a ribbon for making over $500.00 each. We just did so well and I am happy about the whole thing. The event brought in $100,000.00 Lots of people. I am off to bed now, Joy, I will blog on it tomorrow. Thank you and Vanessa for your support and kind thoughts, it means so much to me. Good night friend, love Kerry


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