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May 07, 2006

Well Done Funkey Monkeys

chat-a-while-with Joy
Well done all of you i am so pleased and proud of the Funkey Monkeys !!..coming First !! that is so brilliant..but i never really doubted !!!

I'm so glad you had a brilliant time...but i bet you will sleep for the next 24hours Kerry (i know i would)

It is so great that all that money as been collected too, to help find a cure for M.S....congratulations to everyone who took part in the walk.... where is next years walk going to be held..or do you always have one in Nevada ?.... i would dearly love to be there for next years...who knows.

Jimmy as just walked in so i will say goodbye for now
Well Done again Love Joy

It is very cold and grey here this morning...not at all spring weather, wish i had stayed in bed.
I put some washing on the line in my garden yesterday to save my tumble dryer..but it is even wetter now so i'll probably get it in and tumble it anyway.......oh why am i waffling on about silly mundane things like this when the funkey monkeys came 1st in the M.S.Walk !!!!.... i'll shut up.

I'm going to get some packing done for my holiday, so that should cheer me up then i'll have


  1. Hi Joy, We were so happy with ourselves. Yes, I was wore out and had a good rest today. They have MS Walks in every State and town in the US that has MS offices, which is in the hundreds, if not thousands. We had thre in our area, up at the lake and in Carson City 30 miles from here. We had so much fun and it was so great to have raised the most money. We will have to work hard to beat it next year. I would love to have you walk with us! Any time! Sorry the weather is so cloudy there. You need a nice sunny day, friend!

  2. Thank you Joy for all of your support! The MS Walk was so fun, wish you could have been there. I will try to find out if there are any MS Walks or like functions in your country.

    I hope your weather has cleared up, and you are enjoying some sunny days!! :)


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