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December 13, 2007

Garden Centre

Here's a picture of one of the garden Centres in Tamworth. We have 5 in & around the area..they weren't quite as good this year as previous years..but it was still lovely to see the lights and baubles..I have more pics if you want to see them...(but don't want to bore anyone)..I love them but you can't see them properly in a small picture like this as some of the detail is missing...I will put more on if you want me too ??..had a lovely day with 3 friends.. had lunch in one of the centres..we visited 4 of them..will maybe do the other one next week.. have seen it already but forgot to take my camera.


  1. I love all pictures, please do put as many as you would like on. I always find your pictures give me an idea about you. I love the picture!!!!

  2. Yes I would love to see some pictures too. Put as many as you like, It would never be boring. The garden center is great!


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