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December 12, 2007

Laura without the make.

This is Laura my grandaughter as she is day to day...she was all done up on the previous one, with make-up & a new hair do...I think she looks a lot older on the other one..a bit too old i think !! This is how she looks unless she is going out somewhere...I dont want her to grow up too soon..but i suppose all grandma's feel like that with their grandchildren dont they ??
She is getting tall though she is nearly 5ft 7in (in bare feet)..so she towers above me, especially when she as high heels on...but Nessa is quite tall as well.
I put my tree up last night..and i am going to finish decorating it today, so i will put a picture on my blog when it is all done...the cats fight over who will sleep underneath it...last night 3 of them were cuddled up underneath there...
I am going to the garden Centre tomorrow..must remember to take my camera there as well.


  1. She is a very pretty girl Joy, you must be so proud!!

    I cant wait to see the pictures of your tree!!

  2. I love that picture! What a freash, pretty, young lady you have there! She is a blessing! Wonderful!!!!


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