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August 01, 2009

Time to make some wine i think.

When i was clearing out the old shed, so i could have my new one built..i found some of my old Demi-Johns & a few other winemaking utensils..I had forgotten i still had them..its been a long, long time since i last used them. It started me thinking, its a nice hobby..why did i ever stop ??...and its so much cheaper than buying it at the supermarket..although it can be quite strong when you make your own, but MUCH nicer..and also very nice to be able to share with family & friends. Trouble is it takes a while before you can drink your first batch..but i've waited about 20 years !!!..yes,.. i reckon thats how long its been since i last made my own !!..so whats another few months..i'll go and buy some ingredients...BIG decision now is what one shall i make...or maybe i'll do a few while i'm at it..hhmmmm i'm getting into this now.....if i hadn't knocked down the old shed i would still be wondering what to do with my spare time....all this rain means staying indoors a lot, and its so Boring.....as we have had the worst Summer for many years...but i know that lots of folk would give anything for some rain, so i will not say too much about it...just want a little bit of sun..to be able to dry my washing outdoors for a change.


  1. Home-made wine sounds like so much fun! I have never tried it and am afraid I probably would kill myself and anybody who drank my concoction! ha! ha! Is it easy? You will have to let me know how you do it. What a great hobby as i know wine would make great giftsthat is if a person didn't drink it all first!

  2. i have got to find my old diary out with all my recipes in it...it is a good hobby...my Ex husband was the one that got me into it..( one of the few things i have to thank him for LOL)..but he was a very good wine maker..and i used to love to try & make one nicer than his..something i didn't do very well while he was alive...but i did practice a lot & think i'll enjoy doing it again if i get back into it


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