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August 09, 2009

Just had to put this on.

Just got back today from Vanessa's, I forgot the Kitty has to have his next injection this week, so i had to come home, I am going back down on Friday....I know i said i wasn't going to blog for a while...but i just had to put this one on (Nie, Nies Blog)...please if you get chance do read this womans blog..it is so uplifting.
She almost died in a plane crash and had severe burns to most of her body..yet she reamains faithful and lovely... despite all he treatment and on going pain..
Its like a diary of her life..and shows how happy she is to be alive & with the Man & Family she loves...a truly uplifting blog..such an inspiration..go as far back as you can and you can understand it more and share a little of the journey with her...Thank you Seth for sharing this blog with your readers..it is all i have read these past few days..and i have got my daughter interested in it now as well.

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  1. OMGOSH! Joy.
    This wonderful StepheNIE is truly an inspiration! Thank you sharing her blog. I know there are so many that have much heavier burdens and more hardships than I and still remain true to their faith. She humbles me!

    I did not know your daughter had MS until Kerry told me. I hope she is doing well. I will say some prayers for her and for you. You are a dear.


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