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November 20, 2009

I had to delete my meme

I have had to delete my meme..it was just taking up so much room on my blog.
I dont know why but the letters were just so large !!!..was it because i cut & pasted it from Dee's ???..but Dee's letters were very small & neat..so i dont understand that...i am hoping Kerry or Dee will be able to tell me ???
I think even after all these years i am still very much a novice with some aspects of my computer.!!


  1. I like the memes.I enjoyed reading them. Though I hav'nt been able to figure them out. Dee Dee has tried to help me.
    I'm learning, but have such a long way to go with this computer stuff. But I think as long as we keep trying, we're doing just dandy.LOL! Good Night Joy. Take Care. Sharon

  2. Oh no!! And just before I could comment on it. It looked fine from my end. It didn't look too big at all. But you can adjust the size when your writing the post. Click on the "edit html" tab at the top of the box where you write your post. Right click and "select all" this will highlight your post. Then click above where you see the two T's. This is your font size. You can chose a smaller font there. I hope this helps, let me know.

    Im sorry that meme didn't work out. But try again soon, I love that you did a meme!! I love reading about you!

    All my love,

  3. Hi Joy, if you high light the text after you paste it, go to the top and click on the T's and change it to small or what ever size you want. When you click off the high light it should be what you want. If not do it until you are happy with it. To ligh light just hold down the mouse at the top of youe text and drag to the bottom, the color will be a purple color. Do it the same as changeing the color of your text.


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