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November 14, 2009

My Buritto's with Red Onion

These are my 2 huge buritto's that i had for my dinner tonight...i dropped one onto the cooker as i was getting it out of the pan..so it doesn't look too good..but it still tasted great (i put sliced red onion on these for a change)...i have Dee to thank for introdicing me to these wonderful new meals...i'm like a kid, when i find something i really like, i have them day after day...i really must stop it though as i think they are very fattening !!!..last week i cooked a really huge pot of Chilli Beef and froze it in individual bags..so that all i have to do now is take one out when i fancy a quick filling for my Buritto's...and i've always got grated cheese in my fridge...I put Dee's special sauce inside them...am i supposed to put it on top as well ??..i did that the other night, when a friend came to dinner and they were lovely..i cooked just one each that night with a baked potato & green salad..she thought they were wonderful & took Dee's recipe home with her...so she will be making them too now...i hope she does them when i visit her LOL...must stop talking about food, it makes me hungry...i will have a go at doing Dee's Moo Shoo next week..that will be a change.


  1. Joy those burritos look great, even if they were dropped, LOL. I love that you are trying different ingredients and exploring different burrito techniques. Its wonderful!

    Im not sure if they would be fattening, I guess it just depends on the ingredients. But making them calorie friendly is probably easy, just omitting the cheese would help. But thats my favorite part, so I wont be making them calorie friendly, LOL!

    I am really happy you are having such fun with the burritos, and I am hoping your family is liking them too. :)

  2. It's always fun to try new dishes. I try to order things I hav'nt tasted before when we go out. It makes for a fun and interesting experience sometimes. Burritos are great comfort food. I love them. It sounds like your having fun with some new recipes. That's Great. Sharing recipes is always a good thing.

  3. Dee is a good cook. She can come up with any thing in a short time. I used to, but now if I want to cook I have to plan ahead. I too eat what I like until I wear it out and don't want any more for awhile. I love buritto's, but we buy them most of the time, lazy!

  4. I have brought them too recently, i didn't know you could over here,but i think it was just that i hadn't heard of them until Dee told me about them..the brought ones are ok, but they are rather small.I just froze some fillings in bags..and its easy to defrost & add them to the tortilla's when i fancy one...I dont cook half as much as i used to, but it is nice to try out recipes from friends..espacially ones i have not heard of before...i tend to cook more in the cold Winter months, than in summer...glad your Internet is working well...will E-mail you later in the week Kerry.


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