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February 18, 2010

Its been a while.

Its been a while since i last posted, although i have been reading some of my friends blogs..and a couple that i love to read. I'm house /dog sitting for Jimmy my youngest Son He and Polly have gone to Australia for a month..they have been saving for it for a long time..its a sort of honeymoon, (they have been married nearly 3 years)...Flynn the dog as been a good boy UNTIL yesterday. I took him a long walk over the fields near the house, not realizing his love for water..he went in every bog & puddle he could find..rolled in every cow pat..and the ultimate in naughtiness was when he went over to the river drank the water and then rolled in a dead fish !!!!..i can not describe the smell, i hated having to walk past folk on the way home, as the smell, no Stench, was the worst thing you could imagine..i felt everyone was looking at us, it wafted all around us..so strong if you have never smelt rotten fish, you dont know how lucky you are..IF you have, i neededn't say any more. When i got him home i had to bath him 3 times in the back garden with shampoo and throw warm water over him..(it was too cold to hose him down..although part of me really wanted to !!)...i then rubbed him with an old towel and left him in the conservatory to dry out...he really didn't like that...then to had insalt to injury he got me up 3 times in the night because he wanted to go out...it must have been all the yukky water he drank as hes normally very good at night, so i was up and down the stairs half asleep to let him into the garden..i think i was on auto pilot in the end..what a day and what a night.
He looks so sweet in this pic doesn't he..butter wouldn't melt.??..he has been so good today..can dogs grovel ??..not sure, but he certainly as been very loving and obedient...but we will NOT be going on that particular walk again. Its not been my week at all Jim's Sky broke down so i had no T.V. for 4 days down there, until they could come out to repair it...so I had to come up to my house to watch t.v when i came up to feed the cats...they have got a smaller tv in the bedroom, but my eyes are not too good now i'm older & it hurt my eyes after a while...oh what a moaner i am,,Sorry to anyone who is reading this..but all is well now..T.V. is working, Flynn is smelling sweet as a flower and the sun is shining...am going out tomorrow will take my camera with me and put some pics on here...have a good day any one who reads this.


  1. Flynn is just like my dog except instead of rolling on dead fish she rolls on bugs and dead mice. yuck!

  2. I know how hard it is to bath our furry friends in the winter! Howard gets to give Martha her bath until it can be done out doors. We have cow piles, no fish, I do feel for you! Lets hope life gets back to some kind of normal soon! Love, Kerry

  3. I wrote a comment but I don't know if they are getting there. My computer keeps going to another window. Anyway,am trying again. It sounds as if you had quite a time. Love the story. They seem to do their thing every once in awhile. Gotta love em. Take care Joy, Sharon

  4. Great post Joy. I love Flynn! Rolling in cow patties and dead fish! LOL, sounds like something my Elizabeth would do. Poor Flynn with a tummy ache and poor you for having to get up all night. Hope it didn't last past that night?


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