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February 25, 2010

One of my light fittings

Here is a pic of one of my light fittings for Kerry....i fell in love with them several years ago when i was out shopping in another little country Town....i found this wonderful shop , which sold nothing but light fittings and lighting equipment...it was like Alladins cave..some really wonderful things..so unusual and there were hundreds of them ..all brightly lit ( i dread to think what their electricity bill was )..i wish i'd had my camera with me that day...i'll maybe go again one day..if i can find it that is....i do hope you get your crystals done Kerry..its a big job, but will look wonderful when it is done.


  1. Love the way your light is lit

  2. Very pretty. I love shops like that, and can get lost in thought and time very easily. Fun. Sharon

  3. Very pretty, Joy! I love it, so sweet looking. I am still working on mine, it just keeps getting better, will post it soon. xxxx Kerry

  4. I love your hanging lights Joy! So pretty!


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