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August 17, 2006

Hello At Last

Hi At last, its been ages since i last wrote, but the family problems seem to be sorting themselves out at last..so i can have another go....iv'e already made 2 mistakes, i think ihave forgotten what's what..but i'll keep trying..i think its old age, i seem to forget everything lately.
I love my 2 new kitties, i was only going to have the one (the baby)..but im a sucker for a sob story and when i heard the poot albino was to go in a cats home if she couldn't be homed quickly, i decided i had to have her...i am so glad i did, she is adorable, her poor owner couldn't take her to the flat she was moving into, and didn't want her to be put in a home,..but at least she can come and see he now that i have her...she is so loving and sleeps on my bed at night...her name is Lady she is almost 3 years old...i am going to try and put a picture of her on my blog..i only said TRY !!!

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  1. Joy, your new kittens are very cute! They must be great company for you. I know what you mean about family problems. I wish mine would slow down, I need the rest. Your new little ones are so sweet looking and so soft. I can almost feel them, great pictures and you did a good job putting them on. More pictures would be great!


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