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August 25, 2006

Feeling fed up today.

Hi I have got this to work at long last. I think it must have been a fault or something the past few days.
Glad you are feeling better Dee, will write to Kerry tomorrow (an E-mail) as there are a few things i do not want to put onto my blog in case it is read by certain people.
Here is a picture of Bailey and J.C....he is a little nutter at times and just jumps on her all the time....she looks a bit angry with him in this one...but he just goes back for more all the time, she will take so much then pin him down and lick his ears and clean him, they are funny to watch....none of the other cats will have anything to do with him and just spit at him....i must shut up or i will become boring, talking about my cats all the time...(i think im getting like an old Biddy) How is your craft work coming along, i will have to go onto both of your blogs and see if you have put any pictures there (Kerry & Dee)....i think maybe Dee will be back with you by now ???...i do not know if you will get this after all as a box as come up saying "it couldn't connect to Blogger.com" so it may fail !!!! i thought it was o.k. after all but maybe not......talk soon hope you get this. Joy

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  1. Hi Joy, It seems Blogger has had some problems the past few days, so it's not you. I tried to put some things on and had no luck. I just waited until the next day and had no problem. Just the fun world of the web, huh? I love your cats and don't get tired of hearing of them. At times I feel I don't have much to say, so I just ramble on. I look forward to your e-mail, Kerry


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