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October 10, 2006

Such good friends.... At Last

At long last i have managed to do my Blog.!!its been ages.

My two latest arrivals (Lady & Bailey) are at long last the best of friends....but it seemed to take ages, lots of spitting, hissing & fur flying...but they have become inseperable now and sleep together each night.
J.C. and Smokey (my 2 older cats) are fine with them too...but because these 2 were both fairly new together i thought i would despair of them ever getting along, i used to worry when i left them and had to seperate them whenever i went out,...i think there was alot of uncertainty and jealousy..but they even share the same food bowl now...aren't animals funny and so very changeable !!!..but i love them.
Will send some more pics of cottages next time i have been out with my camera again.


  1. Im glad to hear that Lady and Bailey are getting along now. Its so hard when there is 'animal conflict' in the house. They are so cute!

  2. Now they are one big happy family and how very cute! Do they sleep with you or have thier own beds? It's always nice to see your blogs!


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