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October 12, 2006

More Thatched Cottages

Here's another cottage i thought you would like....i think they look so warm and cozy.They cost a fortune to buy though..and the thatched roofs need replacing or at least re-pairing every 10 tears or so, and that is very costly as well.
When i go to Ireland i will send you some more from there (this one is local)...i am so looking forward to going again, only a couple of weeks now and i am off.
I am so worried about all my cats though....Jimmy will look after them each day or one of my friends, but i still worry about leaving them....hope the weather stays good its lovely here again at the moment, really warm for the time of year.


  1. Beautiful!! I have seen houses like this on tv. Someday I would like to see one in person. So cool!!

  2. That one is very nice and I bet it is very costly! I love them and want one (in my dreams, huh?). It looks very large, is it? How hard is it to heat in the winter? I guess I could look it up and learn more about it. They are just so beautiful!


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