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October 18, 2006

At Vanessa's for a couple of days.

I'm down in Bicester for a couple of days visiting my family, its always good to see Vanessa & Co....Adam is away in Holland for a few days working.
I am so MAD i forgot my camera, as there are some lovely thatched cottages around here also...must bring it next time.
I will be going back tonight or tomorrow as i have quite a lot to do.
There is a lot of controversy raging in the country at tha moment concerning the Muslim women wearing the veils that completely shield their faces, one of out M.P.'s spoke out against them saying they caused division (especially in areas were there was a lot of Muslims living in the community)....because in this country we like to look at people when we are talking to them....to see expressions etc.
The Muslims have as usual taken deep offence at this (it really doesn't take much in most cases ) and some are using it as an excuse to encite yet more violence...how sad and something really does need to be done.
I suppose there is a lot we do not understand about tIslam, but sadly many people rightly or wrongly associate the wearing of the full viel as extremeism, ...and it is the extremists who are usually the terorists.... so i think peoples fears are understandable....especially as we are not allowed to even carry a Bible in their country, let alone build mosques and have our prayer call ringing out in the cities every worship day !!!
I have never beeen a rascist and wish we could all get on together...but when in Rome !!!...they should make an effort to intigrate into our society more and i think then they would be accepted far more readily.
This is a heavy subject...Sorry, its just that it is in danger of getting out of hand over here now and many people believe something as to be done about it ...and soon.
It is a worry asto how it will all end........enough of that, i just wondered what other people thought and if the same problem was encountered in other parts of the world ???........think ill goback to talking about Cottages, kids and animals etc as its easier and not so upsetting.
The weather here is still surprisingly warm for the time of year,...wonder what sort of winter we are in for ??
Hope everyone is well, will write again soon...Joy


  1. Wow what a situation with the Muslim people!! We have Muslim people in the US and I have never seen one with their faces covered, they wear the usual Muslim coverings except for their faces. I never really thought about how I would feel if I came face to face with a Muslim woman all covered up. I guess my reaction would have to be one of pity for the women because they are so repressed. Im not racist either, and I do think that everyone should dress how they like and worship how they like, but with everything that is going on in the world right now it sounds like a good idea for them to uncover their faces in public. However if I were Muslim and I wanted to cover my face I don't think I would let anyone stop me. Its so complicated!! Im sorry to hear it is causing such a hard time in your country. I hope it gets better soon.

  2. Hi Joy, I like you wish the world was a nicer place to live. It scares me to think of where this all will end. Our lives seem to be out of our hands and in the hands of so many others. I can understand with all that has gone on in your country why you and so many other are frightened. If I give it much more thought I will have to clean something! Really, take care yourself and your family, thats all we can do!


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