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March 21, 2007

Just Another Little Blog

Well i've taken Bailey to the vet and left him there..i feel TERRIBLE !! i won't rest until he is home again...to take my mind of it all i am doing another quick Blog..then going out with my friend Margaret, the Vet as my mobile number so i will just have to wait for him to ring. I was looking through my pictures a few minutes ago and saw this one of my Son Jimmy when he was in the Grand Canyon 2 years ago,..i thought how wonderful it must have been to be in a place so remote and awesome as that..i would love to go, ..but not too sure if i could stand like that, so to near the edge..good job i was not with him i would have had a fit..seeing him doing that, but it really is an awesomw place, Jim said he will go again as it was special.....SILLY ME, wrong picture this is Bailey sorry, its early days i will get used to this again...bear with me. !!

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  1. Happy to hear your kitten is home and you both are doing well! I am happy to see you are back on your blog too! We missed you!


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