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October 14, 2007

Elas and her dogs

Hi....I just wanted to put a picture of my friend Elsa and her 2 dogs onto here...this picture was taken when she came up last year, at the local water park in Kingsbury...the male dog (the one at the back) has since died of a liver desease, he was a lovely little fella...named Jacob. To Elsa they are her children, she was up here in Tamworth for 2 weeks but went back home yesterday morning...I am off to Vanessa's today for a few days as it is her Birthday on Tuesday, i'm really looking forward to seeing them all down in there in Oxford.

I hope everyone is ok, i have had a bit of trouble with my E-mails, but i think it is all sorted out now...i will take some pictures while i am at Vanesssa's & put them on here when i get back...I must NOT forget my camera (i usually do) i will put it in my bag now so ithat remember...talk later

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  1. Nice picture Joy. Have a nice time at Vanessa's and do take lots of pictures. Say hi to evertone for me!


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