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October 07, 2007

A day out at Chester

Hello Everyone...I have managed to get onto my blog again...there must have been a fault when i last tried and so i just gave up, what a quitter !!!! and I haven't tried since until today...I was going to ask Dee to help me, but i thought to myself ..No, i'll just give it a quick try first...and it worked !!!..i should have tried before..i'm so pathetic,...still it will save Dee a job.
This is a town called Chester that i enjoy visiting sometimes ..it has a lot of very old buildings and shops...its lovely to visit at Christmas time..i will send some more pictures of it then..i have so many pictures that i have taken lately....will put some more on....hope you dont get fed-up with them


  1. Good Job Joy! I knew you could do it! I love your pictures, keep them coming! I would love to see it on the holidays. Send me pictures of it if you can.

  2. Im glad to see you are writing in your blog again Joy! And please let me know if you need any help, I am always more than happy to help you, its never a bother. I love the pictures you took, wonderful!!!


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