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October 31, 2007

Is it any wonder i cant loose weight ?

Here is a picture of my huge Birthday cake (it looks much smaller here than it actually was ) I shared it with waiters at the restaurant,friends and everyone who came to visit me that week..but still had loads left for myself...i can't resist nice cake & this was delicious...I just can not have any in the house or i get too tempted.
I WILL start this diet again this week.
Dee i have just realized i had put this picture on the wrong blog originally ..i put it on the 'losing it' blog..what a dummy..could you remove it for meplease ??..you know how useless i am with these things...i think my Birthday cake is the LAST thing anyone will want to see who is trying to loose weight...i;m SO sorry....any way the cake as long since been eaten, but i have only just got around to putting the pictures into my folder to use.


  1. Joy. please leave the picture on the Losing It blog. We will all meet up with the real thing and we need to learn how to handle it. I think it is a great picture and belongs there! You had a lovely cake and I hope it was very good. Just start a new day, we all have had cake! Yours was truly very pretty. I love it!!!!!

  2. I think the cake should be left on that blog too! Its ok, we all need to see it, I think your post was very appropriate for the losing it blog. We all need to learn some will power and its helps to look at the cake. You are right, winter brings less willpower, I just know it does!! Beautiful cake by the way!!


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