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January 13, 2009

As it really been 5 months ??

I can not believe it as been 5 months since i used my blog...so much as happened, my computer finally gave up after about 8 years constant use....and i had to wait for Adam to sort out a new one for me (he builds them)..so that was several weeks...i've also had a nasty virus that left me out of action for a while.....o.k..but where as the rest of the time gone ???...i really cant remember it been that long and that is what is so Scary !!!!
In that time my friend Kerry and her daughter Dee have both moved to a new home in Idaho...i wish them so much happiness and fun as they do up there lovely new home..cant wait to see some pictures girls..
I have become a great grandmother, when my grandson Kieran became a father..Steph gave birth to a gorgeous little girl last month, they have called her Amie..will post some pictures soon...now i really feel old !!
I also had a much needed new kitchen..Simon my Son fitted it for me, the other one gave me so many problems when i tried to knock some old tiles off the wall..it started a chain of events that left me with a completely gutted kitchen..i had to have it rebuilt..walls as well..what a nightmare...but i am so glad now that its over and i love my new one,but at the time it was terrible.
I spent my Christmas at Vanessa's..that was good..but i had to come back home to Dog sit for Jimmy & Polly on new years eve..i remember the times when i used to party most of the night on New Years Eve..i never thought those days would end .....time just seems to pass by so quickly nowadays......you dont notice yourself getting older..until you take stock of how things have changed.
Am i just feeling melancholy because i have got the 'Winter Blues'...yes probably...but i cant wait for spring to come..i love that time of year, cant wait.
Ness & Adam have got the right idea..they are on a Caribbean cruise at the moment..it was an aniversary and Christmas present to them both from Lynn..Adam's mom..what a fabulous present..wish i was with them..all that sunshine, but they deserve it..2008 was not a good year for them.


  1. I am so happy to have you back! I have missed you! You have had a busy 5 months and congradulation on the new baby! Tour kitchen looks great. You have worked very hard and it looks wonderful! Your friend, Kerry

  2. Wow so much has happened since you have been gone from blogger. Im glad your back Joy, I look forward to reading your blog and catching up with your life. I love your kitchen! Congratulations on the new baby too!!


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