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January 24, 2009

You've met the great grandkids now meet the kids

This is a pic of Jim (Rambo)..he's the outdoor one, and Simon (Sheik)..he's the comedian, although he's very depressed at the moment....i am trying to get a recent one of my Vanessa, she's like her Mom..she hates having her photograph taken...but i WILL get one and put it on my next blog..its good to meet each others families..i'll put some of my other grandkids on too as soon as i can sort some out & upload them..its good to be bake on the blog again, i love seeing everyone elses as well....hope you are soon settled Kerry & Dee..thinking of you both.


  1. Love the pictures and I think I would like your Jimmy. He looks like he has a great sense of humor. I realy like meeting your family, I learn so much about you through pictures of them.

  2. Great pictures!! I would love to met your family too! :)


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