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February 03, 2009

A few more of my Family

Jim was ok about his picture been shown..he just laughed..so i have put some more on (well you said you liked to see my family)..there is one of Jim dressed as Long 'Jim'Silver for a fancy dress party, another one of him 'Posing' on a yatch on his Holiday..One of Kirsty, one of Luke & Emily & one of Laura (Luke & Laura are Vanessa's Kids) Emily is Lukes Girlfriend..Kirsty is one of Simons girls..i will put some more on soon...hope you dont get fed up....i love seeing friends Photo's as well..makes me feel closer and helps me know more about you.


  1. I love seing your family and can't wait to see more. They all look great! You can never bore me with pictures, it just makes me know you better. Your grandchildren are so great, you must be proud of them! Thank you for sharing and tell Jim I said thank him to. He looks like a nice guy and full of fun!!

  2. Yes..he loves life..but he said he wasn't long John Silver (that was me been stupid)..i think he was just a Pirate..LoL


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