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February 08, 2009

Forgot to mention...We have our own breed of pig.

We have our own breed of pig in Tamworth..they are quite well known (among pig breeders only i think)..they are called 'Tamworth Reds'..this little fella looks cute...much too cute to eat !! The other Pics are of Tamworth Castle and The Sir Robert peel pub in the town..let me see some of yours..i love looking at pics.


  1. I love pigs! I don't want one, but they are neat animals! It is great Tamworth has it's own! Very cool!!!

  2. How cute! I want one too!! :)

  3. What a cute Piggy and does it have long hair and wavy hair? I have raised many pigs for Youth shows, etc; and enjoyed the experience..but a soft and hairy pig would be too hard to get rid of!


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