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April 22, 2009

The Blosssom is lovely this year.

When i got back from Wales it was lovely to see the 2 blossom trees over the road..they had bloomed while i was away and i thought it was a pretty site..the blossoms dont last very long and are replaced by lots of greenery...but the blossoms are so pretty while they last.
The Old people who live in the little bungalows opposite must love to look out on them each day.


  1. Spring is my one of my favorite times of the year because of the beauty of the flowering trees. It is too bad they have to fade, but then we wouldn't enjoy them as much, would we? I am waiting on my Lilacs to bloom. Thanks Joy, for your words of encouragement and prayers for Mike and me. They are working! I hope you too are feeling better.

  2. Great picture, Joy! I love the new season. Even the smell of dirt in the garden is wonderful! Our tree's are just a little behind yours. We are just now geting the blooms. Love, Kerry

  3. beautiful picture Joy!

  4. What a nice surprise. Your tree is beautiful. I would love looking accross to see this. I love this Spring.

  5. So beautiful!!!


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