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April 22, 2009

Holiday break in Wales

I I really enjoyed my break in Wales...i went with my friend Margaret to her Mobile home, its sighted permanently in a lovely spot surrounded by hills in a place called Derwenlas, in Macynllith (i'm sure i've spelt that wrong !!) we had lovely weather for the last 2 days, but a bit mixed at the beginning...the one picture is of the walking area on the site, its interesting as there are Buffolo's that live and breed there... but sadly the day i took my camera we didn't see any...last time i was down there we saw a whole herd of them.. We went to Aberystwith and also to a lovely craft center...i was so mad i forgot to take my camera because there was so much to see there. The scenery and countryside was lovely..but we were also only 10 minutes from a lovely quiet sandy beach ( see picture)...so we had the best of both Worlds....Bacon sandwiches each morning and just time to realx, do crosswords and have a good natter...it was a lovely time..we're going again in July..i'm so looking forward to that.


  1. I am happy to hear you had a lovely time on your Break! I would love to see the sights you see. I can only see them through your eyes, my friend. Such a wonderful place you live in, I enjoy the pictures so much! Thank you! Your old friend, Kerry

  2. When look at the pictures and the things you say about your holidays it makes me want to be there. Everything is so beautiful. Whenever I leave my camera at home I always find the best things to photograph. I'm glad you had a nice get away with your friend.

  3. The pictures look so peaceful. Sounds like a vacation that wa restful and nice. Time spent with a comfortable friend is something to value, and bacon sandwiches! Yummy! I miss that!

  4. I wish we took holidays here. You are so fortunate to be able to go to the wonderful places you go on holiday. The pictures are great, wish we were there with you! :)


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