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April 28, 2009

A Family Portrait

Thought i had to add this to my blog...it is 3 of Nessa's 6 cats....the big ginger boy Tiffy is so lovely with all the cats..even the new arrival (3days old now)...because of his gentle nature we all thought Tiff was a girl at first (hence the name)..it was the vet who told us 'she' was actually a 'He' ...but he as accepted all the cats when they have come into the home, and he was the first there so its quite unusual...i still think of him as a 'she' because of his sweet nature.
All the cats love him he is like a feline Matriarch..or should that be Patriarch ??? LOL
Lady (Mom)..took the kitten over to him when she saw him and they all settled down together...Tiffy is NOT the Daddy by the way..that honour goes to deisel..the fluffy black & white boy (we think)


  1. That is the cutest picture!! Awwwww! Absolutely sweet!!! :)

  2. I love that picture! It is so sweet! Great picture.

  3. I love cats. They all have such distinctive personalities. They are Beautiful. A nice family. What a sweet cat Tiffy is.

  4. Yes Hens and Chicks are a succulent. They multiply quite quickly and get runners on them later in the summer that look like the big plant(called chicks). At some point they flower. They need a lot of room, or can be grown in a large pot. I agree about the Pink Peonies. I have one and I love it, but I have to baby it a little. I will send pictures when the chicks show up.


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