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October 09, 2009

My VERY scruffy side passage.

Here are 2 pics of my very scruffy 'passage' it is ajoining my house next to the kitchen..but i do not as yet class it as part of the house (even though it as been there for over 20 years)..as it as got no electric sockets so i can not put a fridge or washing machine there as yet ( but i may get round to it one day LoL)..after 20 years mmmm!!!..it as got lighting and is very handy for storing things etc..also a door leads from it into my garage at the one end..so that is useful,.. as the garage is where i do keep my fridge, freezer & tumble drier...i did start to paint it a while ago as you can see...but my back got so bad i had to leave it...i will have to try & finish it off now the weather is getting cooler...It was summer when i did that little bit of painting and it got so HOT in there i thought i would pass out...i think it is that perspex roof that does that...as it gets so hot in Summer..but very cold in winter....seeing Kerry doing so much to hers as made me feel a bit guilty...and it really would look a bit better with a lick of paint & a bit of a facelift.....like me !!.LOL....i am a bit ashamed to put these pics on..but they will maybe give me the incentive to paint it and tidy it up....about time i think.


  1. I think we all need some where to put stuff! Don't feel guilty because of me, It will take me forever to get all this done! My kitchen is full of everything I took out of the pantry! It has been there for days and I need to get it all back. I know it is hard when you are not feeling well. I do some and have to sit before doing more. The heat is so hard to work in and you would do better if it is not too cold to! It's hard to find just the right time!!! You have a great place for stuff there. Stuff needs a place to be. I think I just have too much of it!!!!!

  2. What a great space Joy! I love all of the storage!!


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