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May 17, 2010

A Mosque on the 9/11 site !!!!

I can not believe that they are even thinking of building a Mosque on the site of the 9/11 terrorist attack.!! and planning to start work on the SAME day as it happened!!!!To me that is unthinkable. I am not prejudiced neither am i rascist or against Islam in anyway, but WHY there !!!..New York is a HUGE city, to choose a spot where thousands lost there lives is unbelievable me. What about the relatives of all the innocent people who lost their lives on that terrible day. It is just an insult to them..more importantly who on earth agreed to such a thing? I am sure some Muslims lost loved ones there as well,and i imagine they will feel exactly the same!! Leave that place as it is, where people can go to quietly reflect & remember...To build a Mosque,there is so very insensitive and i imagine would do New York no good whatsoever. It as already caused a lot of upset over here..many saying it is Evil and totally unnecessary. This is not been rascist,everyone knows that it was of course a very small minority of terrorists who attacked the Twin Towers that terrible day, and of course they are not reflective of Islam in general, but surely the very fact that it happened at all is enough to NOT want a Mosque built on the site..Please,Please leave that site as it is..build nothing there, least of all a Mosque..that is too inflammatory. Go ahead and Build a Mosque in New York, it is after all just a place of Worship, but never,never on the site of ground Zero.


  1. I was shocked after reading your blog. I had not heard of the plan to build a Mosque on or near the 9;11 site. I did some reading and I am so saddened to think anyone would do such a thing. Why? It is not a place for any seperation, no religion, no church, just to remember all the lives lost . It has taken away our belif in safty, our inocence. We need to just learn from the past and hope for a better tomorrow. We all can pray, just quietly and with respect for all those lives lost. Thank you, Joy! I don't know why I was in the dark on this. I still want to think there is more good then bad out there.

  2. This makes me sad. I understand that the Muslim people own the property, but because of what happened there it doesn't make it ok that they put a mosque there. Because of what happend that place should now be left alone, and not belong to any one organization or religion. Thanks for posting this Joy, this information needs to be talked about.

  3. Hi Joy Heather,

    Do check out my blog when you have a moment... hope all is well... hugs... x

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